1. metalfan

    Very urgent help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I just opened my pc , went to the kitchen and when came back it was showing colourful lines (dazzling yellow orange colours),,, got tensed switched it off ,when turned on my lcd showed no signal did turned on and off few times then it worked but loaded slowly here are my queries - friend told...
  2. S

    Counter stirke server creation queries

    Friends today i downlaoded the cs server using hlds update tool. i am starting a game on the server but its not displayed on my internet games tab list. i ve opened the ports too. am i missing out on something?? is there anything more required so the server will be hosted properly?? pls help me...
  3. furious_gamer

    RAM Issues

    I am having a weird problem. When i install application it get installed, no problem here. But when i try to run it, it wont show up and working, it disappears. The cursor appears to be busy for few minutes and then everything is normal. Application doesn't get opened. I opened the Task Manager...
  4. toofan

    How to restrict user from opening Certain Websites.

    Freinds Can anyone tell me how to restrict any one from Oppening certain websites from my pc. Can we block certain websites to be opened. Thanks.
  5. U

    The Reality of State bank of india - Review of horrifying service quality

    The simple rule i understood from my experience with SBI is that : " Keep your COOL even if the SBI officers abuse you, insult you or harass you. Coz friends they have birth rights to do so and learn the fact that its not theirs but your fault that you opened your account in their bank. Never...
  6. L


    hi, I am using windows xp. when i select the drive and right click with mouse it will show autoplay, open etc. so the drive is not opened on double click. please help me on this......... thank u.......
  7. S

    explorer.exe crashes n restarts.. Plz help

    i am using xp with sp2.. Few days back when i was browsing over net my taskbar was restarting again and again.. I restarted windows but problem continued.. I then opened windows in safe mode.. But problem stil continued.. My mcafee cant detect any virus.. Plz help..
  8. B

    problem with chkdsk

    I run chkdsk on C without /f it says there are problems with filesystem. When I run chkdsk with /f it asks to run on restart, but it does not run on restart. Sometimes when it does run it gives a message "Volume cannot be opened for direct access" I'm getting really frustrated :mad: ..............
  9. B

    FS: 16GB Corsair voyager pendrive

    16GB Corsair voyager pendrive Please note: It is only used for once to check the compatibility of 16GB pendrive with my DVD player. Opened decently and Lanyard+USB extension cable are FACTORY PACKED Features: * Plug & Play functionality in Windows® Vista, XP, 2000, ME, Linux 2.4 and...
  10. N

    [FS]One day old Iphone 3g 8gb

    This is my friend's.i'll handle the deal. This is locked with AIRTEL. Purchased one day ago for 31k.he purchased for his cousin who got another 16gb one so this one's on sale. Everything will be provided.bill too.its not sealed as box has been opened. Buyer will also get a screen...
  11. V

    update avg 8 update from dvd

    your nov dvd contains avg 8 updates in .bin form how to update it as it cannot be opened or installed
  12. I

    Noisy Boot

    Hi.... I am having a noisy boot everytime i boot up my system.... a few months ago this was a fortnightly affair but recently it has started to be a headache... everytime i perform a cold boot...the cabinet starts making a noise as if a fan is hitting a wire... but when i opened the cabinet...
  13. rohitshubham

    download accelerator prob

    i today downloaded download accelerator plus latest version form when i opened an download on the Mozilla the DAP(download accelerator plus) didn't activated and i have to ultimately download the files from the Mozilla though dap was running in the background and also there was an...
  14. T

    How much for this lappy

    [FS]Compaq lappy hello everyone today finally my college (IBS, Bang) decided to give us laptops...but the problem is that i already have a laptop(Vaio) so i would be selling the college one :) the specs are c2d 1.8GHz, 1 Gb dd2 ram, 120GB Hdd, 15.4" monitor. its brand new opened to check it out...
  15. M

    Freehostia and - Urgent Help Please

    Friends, I am new to hosting and need your urgent help. I recently switched from to freehostia to host my blog. Freehostia is great :D I simply wanna configure Freehostia and, but I am not getting how to do so? I opened a support ticket and got accurate responses, but I...
  16. M

    showing "OPEN WITH" while trying to open C:-need guidance

    Dear all experts and co members, well, in my office pc, now i am in trouble, that; now while i am to open my C: by double clicking, it is not getting opened as usual, now the 'open with' function is coming. how can i solve this. be kind to guide me in this regarding thanking you in...
  17. rohitshubham


    hey there any one can tell that if .exe extension can be opened in ubuntu 7.10 how
  18. Cool G5

    Happy Birthday Ganeshkumar

    Hello guys, Our fellow member Ganeshkumar is celebrating his birthday today(05/07/08). Happy birthday Da :) I have been lucky to get a friend like you. Have a nice time & don't forget to get me a piece of cake. :) Enjoy your day & keep rockin. I opened this thread in advance so that I...
  19. C

    cannot open usb device

    whenevr i try to open the "verico" USB device of my friend's, i get the "open with.." dialog box. my own transcend device can b opened successfully. can u plz suggest a way out of this???
  20. aminsagar123

    BSNL Blunder

    Today i opened to check my dataone usage. See what opened. Second try I am a dataone customer from jalandhar, punjab. :mad:
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