1. Ishan

    Not able to open sites.

    My friend is having Mozilla Firefox as well as IE 6, He is not able to open any site in any of the above browser.. But the thing is that...any site can be opened for the first time of starting any one of the above Browser....what i mean is ....when he starts his PC connects to net(Through dial...
  2. H

    want a PC-history software( want to keep track all the things done )

    can anyone tell me a software which keeps track of all the things done in a pc with date and time ? what I am looking is like this > say it will tell yesterday at 3:03 pm PC was started , 3:05 PM start menu clicked . 3:06pm my document opened 3:06 pm my pictire opened 3:07 pm...
  3. ionicsachin

    I cant Gmail.....

    I ve got a wierd problem. Whenever i go to and type my ID and password it gives "Loading..." on the top left corner and after some time IE gives that it is blocking a file from downloading. When i click to download that file it downloads but yet the gmail doesnt get logge into...
  4. abhineet


    Is thid this the right time to buy a nokia cell phone or should i buy it later because NOKIA has already opened its Manufacturing unit in CHENNAI.So can the price of the cell phones come down in a month or two.
  5. s18000rpm

    System Restore-- Big Help

    Please help me . i had a very weird experience with my PC. Yesterday, my small brother did something with the PC, (the internet was ON). When i came back & switched it ON-- GUESS What !!!! the desktop was totally BLANK, the wallpaper was there but nothing else. (the desktop was blank with...
  6. A

    Creating a pasword protected DVD

    How can i create a password protected DVD such that......... None of the contents can not be viewed without , also not a single file can be opened or previewed without a password.
  7. Generic Superhero

    I can surf without connecting... I am bewildered!!

    OMG!! :shock: :shock: I still cant believe my eyes! I started my pc and put the ADSL Modem (Dataone) on. and i loaded firefox and to my surprise... i could surf though i did not connect (i.e. i did not click on the Dataone dialer --or whatever that is called-- that resides in Network...
  8. hansraj

    cd installer for one time installation only!!!

    guys i have come across a cd which has a feature i never came across before.... not even heard of it. Its the jeppeson cd which our org is using and the unique thing about it is only one time installation. well i heard of all kind of copy protections and restrictions imposed by the software...
  9. A

    Problem Playing AVI format videos on 6600

    Hi, I have n6600 and i had installed smartmovie in it. It was going fine till yesterday but suddenly yesterday when i opened a AVI format video from it the application closed without playing video. After that whenever i opened videos in AVI format same thing happened. I tried uninstalling...
  10. G

    change background of opened folder,HOW???

    can any1 know how to change background of any folder when it opened to any pic ??? my frnd done but he says it happens only on windows98
  11. LegendKiller

    Ram not working???

    I have 256mb ram installed,but for few days i was experiencing slow downs and when checked my settings from my comp,it showed only 128mb ram on my pc!I opened my cabinet and re-installed both ram-chips(128*2),but still it shows only 128mb ram! what shld i do?
  12. C


    Can i use adsense on my blog.I have opened my blog at as a subdomain.
  13. The Incredible

    Dual Internet Connection

    Hey! I'm used 2 connect 2 da net in 2 ways. one by reliance n another by bsnl dial-up. the problem is dat i cant use both da connections simulataneously. whenever i connect via both ISPs then da one which is opened later, da computer starts gathering info from dat connection and do...
  14. Vishal Gupta

    Firefox 1.0.5 Crashed first time!

    Guys! Today I opened 10 pages approx. in one firefox windows (in tabs). And after a few minutes the firefox automatically closed. Very strange! Many times I hv opened 20-25 pages in one single windows, but firefox never crashed! It happened to me first time! Did ne1 face similar problem...
  15. vandit

    rediff bol

    I got a error today... when I opened rediff bol..... and wanted to sign refused saying "server not detected" and when I tried to close it .... hundreds of error dialogue boxes opened on my screen .... I pressed att+ctrl+del and end task ,.... all of them closed and nothing happened...
  16. S

    How to view files of a folder of a website??

    Hi everyone. I want to see the contents (images) of a folder of a website. A few days ago I was enable to open the Listing in Firefox. I directly clicked on the iamge and the image opened. I bookmarked the folder. I opened it many times after that too. But, now when I open the folder URL, the...
  17. A

    "Documents" Menu not appearing

    Hello Guys, I've Windows XP with SP2 installed in my computer. In the Classic Start Menu I don't find the Documents menu from which I could have opened the recently used documents. I have tried a lot but couldn't get any way. Plz HELP!
  18. godsownman

    Track Emails

    Is there any way to track an email once it has been despatched from my mail box. Like What I am looking at is 1. to see if the mail was opened 2. If it was forwarded I know this can be termed as invasion of privacy but its kind of important
  19. alib_i

    Memory problem in RedHat 9

    This is my friend from my ID -----> i have this weird problem on redhat 9.......the amount of memory consumed by some app (when opened) is not released back upon closing the app consequently, if i'd opened and closed an app abt 10 times, the memory usage grows quite high and eventually...
  20. T

    automatic opening windows

    hey ! help me is it a virus? While i m connected to the net, new windows [openieng my home page] open automatically. sometimes 2 windows, sometimes 1 window is opened all of a sudden even though i do not click on n e thing
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