1. B

    Use a password to login when FF is opened after reboot

    Hi Guys, I save my passwords for my different accounts in FF in my home computer so that it auto logins whenever I open a particular site. Is there a way to make FF ask for a password for atleast once after it is opened after a reboot? Is there any specific software or extension for the same...
  2. K

    To close all the opened applications and Windows.

    Hi Guys, I want to close all the opened applications(softwares) on Windows7 and Windows7 itself in one click. Is there any best free application for the purpose?
  3. mikael_schiffer

    I thought IE 11 was Good, but it looks like $hit

    Today, by mistake somehow i opened Internet Explorer. I was quiet surprised by how different it looked. Upon closer inspection i found it is Internet Explorer 11. I dont recall downloading it ever.. Anyways.... Once i started opening up pages i was quiet surprised at all the visduals. Something...
  4. sksundram

    Xolo q800 image viewer problem

    This is the image i took screenshot of in Firefox mobile browser Now you see the clarity here.. It's very very good..but i saved the same image and when opened it in the default image viewer i got this This one is of below par quality... Why it is so and what can I do to remove this problem..
  5. V

    IEM Tekfusion Twin Woofers FAQ?!

    IEM Tekfusion Twin Woofers Question/Doubt?! Hi guys, i have recently bought a pair of Tekfusion TW from Flipkart ( 2 Days Back to be exact ). When i opened the package the box wasnt sealed (meaning wasnt taped or any kind of that! and also it looked like it was already opened! ) and the plastic...
  6. P

    Karbonn A18 mobile

    I just bought Karbonn A18 mobile 4 days back. When I tried to take snaps, I am getting a message that "Camera cannot be opened". What is the reason for this and how to solve this problem?
  7. M

    Computer freezing after startup.............

    This morning my computer freezed after couple of minutes of logging in .I have windows 7 64bit OS.This happened 4-5 times.After that i opened my case and cleaned it.Since then its fine.I was wondering what might have caused the problem.
  8. rajatGod512

    Samsung Galaxy Y Not Powering Up

    Hi ! All ... So I have a Samsung Galaxy Y (bought just a month ago) . Last Night I kept it in a table just below my AC . When I woke in the morning there was some strange leak in the AC so water was dropping from it . Water was all over my phone , phone was kept upside down . So, I cleaned up...
  9. go4saket

    Security problem with htts sites

    Hello friends! Whenever I try to open any secured site i.e. htttps site, my browser shows a screen which says "This connection is untrusted and to continue, it asks me to add an exception". This is happening in all https site like SBI, HDFC, IRCTC etc. This never happened earlier and all...
  10. C

    ThinkDigit Reloaded 2012, requesting feedback on the new website

    The new Thinkdigit website went live last night. Please share your feedback, apart from the discussion thread which has already been opened.
  11. Gauravs90

    Reliance blocking file sharing websites

    Hi guys... When i opened mediafire instead it opened a page which says that "This website is blocked". I'm using reliance gsm 2g network to acess internet. Is there any way i can bypass it... I don't think it is illegal to ask this question on this forum...
  12. gameranand

    How to know if someone blocked me or just Deleted his Account on Facebook

    Hey guys I just want to know that how would I know that if a person has blocked me or just deleted/deactivated his account from facebook ??? I used to chat with a person and then that person just disappeared. I look at my messages and unlike others I can't go to the profile as name of that...
  13. ithehappy

    How to block a Website adress permanently?

    I want to block one or more Website's for some security purpose. I will not be in home for some time, thus I won't allow anyone to open those sites. Now is there any software or else by which I can block the addresses of those websites? They shouldn't be opened from any browser, IE, Opera or...
  14. C

    unknown error in ccs compiler

    Hi, i have been preparing to make the robot following the guidelines in digit's fast-track and dvd. on compiling the code in ccs compiler, it is pointing out an error in another window which it opened automatically. because of this error, it is not creating the hex file. i dunno wat it means. i...
  15. G

    Some kind of icon on my task bar!!

    FOr about 2 weeks i have been noticing an icon on my task bar on startup...It looks like the shape of a binocular and dissappears as soon as i hover my mouse over it....ANd recently wen i opened my XP ...after showing me the desktop it came 2 the BSOD and then it restarted and opened xp and...
  16. SlashDK

    all .exe being opened by notepad

    I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit edition on my PC. For some reason all the .exe files are being opened by notepad. That means I can't open any program at all. Other extensions work fine and thats why I'm being able to open firefox (by using a saved webpage). Is it a virus attack? Please...
  17. leo61611616

    Talking Newspaper from The Times of India

    Everyone who opened today's edition of The Times of India, where in a shock when they found their newspaper talking. The world’s largest circulated English daily, Times Of India surprised it's readers by placing a small embed audio device inside the newspaper. As people opened the page, they...
  18. A

    Turbo C 3 Not running...

    I Am using XP SP2 and windows 7 on my PC. I am primarily using windows 7 for all of my tasks but as Turbo C 3 does not run in full screen in windows 7 so i have installed XP too and so i m dual booting. But when i tried to install Turbo C 3 in XP it refused to run on it. When i opened TC.exe it...
  19. Cool Buddy

    Opening cabinet makes PC unbootable

    I'd been thinking of asking this for a long time. Last 2-3 times when I've opened my cabinet for cleaning, it refuses to boot up after I put it back in order. First time I had opened the RAM, but the second time I hadn't opened anything on the mobo, just the cabinet cover. I used a soft brush to...
  20. Chetan1991

    Win 7 screen wont stretch

    The name of the thread says it all. I have windows 7 32 bit ultimate. I have latest ver. Of catalyst + drivers installed for the gfx card. Everything was fine until a few hours ago when i opened a game and it opened in a small screen in the centre. I closed it and changed the resolution to a...
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