1. S

    Virus!!! Help.

    A friend of mine bought a pen drive and plugged into my computer, opened up 'my computer' and 'explore'd the removable drive. There i found the files: 'Funny UST scandle.avi.exe', "xmss.exe' and 'autoruns.inf'. Suddenly the computer started acting abnormally, Folders closeing automatically and...
  2. Zangetsu

    Mouse Problem!!!

    I have a problem with my its is 3 years old.....:( When I left click (one click) on any icon or program it gets opened.... I think it has become too sensitive to touch... And if I double-click two instances of the program gets opened (so :mad:annoying) I have checked the clicking...
  3. R

    How can i open Port 8123?

    Hi, I m facing this problem whenever i switch my bb connection..I m using BSNL connection... My Browse give me this msg open 8123 for Recieve Broadcast & Interactive Message... How can this port 8123 be opened? Pls help asap as i need it to open it ugently as without it is not working...
  4. mad1231moody

    Any way to get em back

    Hi, I have formatted my C: drive(windows drive) . B4 formatting I took my neccessary docs, on a pen drive. I have reinstalled windows XP. Now when I opened my pen drive, the content in the folders is just crap with funny names. Now there are 2 options, to recover data from pen drive or to...
  5. planetcall

    1 BHK Flat required in bangalore

    Hiya folks, I am looking for 1 BHK semi/fully furnished rented flat in Bangalore within 3 kms radius of Forum Shopping Mall for a Single Working Vegetarian Person. The area could be shantinagar, kormangala, Bannerghatta, Adugodi, Wilson Garden or any other good residential area falling within...
  6. P

    {Challenge}Extracting video from .dll files! Help!

    Hi, I Just bought one C programming video tutorials by Kanetkar, but when I try to run windows vista, it says it doesnt support the os(coz it doesnt detectWindows media player 11). I am in no mood to install xp just for that tutorials, so i opened the cd and found export.dll file in lectures...
  7. C

    Wierd Vista Virus!!!

    Okay guys am back with a new problem now...I keep you guys so Anyways this is what happened... I opened my nokia 3110c folder and there i saw a folder named Latest. I had not created the folder so i opened it and to my surprise it turned out to be a exe file which i have executed...
  8. P

    Desktop clean

    One day when i was working in word in xp environment and stored some files in desktop. I did shut down the system properly. but next day when i opened, the desktop was not showing that files. what to do to recover that files.
  9. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Pagemaker 5.0 problem ?

    My friend work in PM5.0 for DTP work. Last saturday when he has completed his typing work. he properly saved his file. After that he has shutdown his system. At sunday when he again opened his file, it get opened suddenly due to power cut his system get Off. When electricity comes hw has started...
  10. iMav


    The goodness of XP and the looks of MAC Logon Screen Desktop Control Panel Network Places Boot Screen Dock Download guys when i opened it for editing all images are loading .... however here is the link for screenshots
  11. M

    PDF Files and fonts

    I've a PDF file, when i went to a printing shop to take the print out of the file it opened up showing all the fonts as it is (the vendor opened it in acrobet 8). however when print command was given a msg. was shown some of the fonts ... may not print correctly.... the vendor ignored the msg...
  12. S

    installation problem!!

    I've fedora core 6 iso files,they are 6 discs now i want to install it so i burned up them to cd then I inserted first CD but there opened a DOS system now what to do??? plz tell me full procedure to install it..........
  13. Kalyan

    Max size of text file in K750/W800i

    What is the maximum size of the text file that could be opened in the K750i/W800i? I tried with a 690KB text and html files but the phone reported that the files are too large. Could anyone tell me what is the maximum size of the text and html files that could be opened?
  14. iMav

    Vista & SyncMaster 740N

    I installed Vista few days back and i noticed that the white is no more white it is yellow only when watching images in vista's image viewer and in any photo edittor ... i opened ps it said the color scheme or something is corrupt i dwnldd latest drivers and still face this problem ... what is...
  15. kirangp

    Opening of ports for torrent downloads...Here is a gud website

    I thought I wud create a new thread itself for this problem.Many people who r using older versions wont even be knowing that ports have to be opened up for downloading through torrents.I use Bitcomet.Only in 0.83 or .84 bitcomet shows that the ports are not opened..It might show in other torrent...
  16. iMav

    annoying popups on login

    guys i hv sify bb conx whenever i log in there are 2 separate windows opened by it for promotional purposes plz tell wat registry entry to edit to disable it
  17. F

    Orkut Opened for All & New Features Added

    You no longer require an invitation from an existing member to join Orkut. Orkut is finally opened to public. You can simply create a new account from Also they added many new features. Read more here, here and here.
  18. sagardani

    Animation Companies in Pune??

    hey... anyone from Pune here??? which are the animation companies/studios in Pune?? im not talking about training institutes. studios that do actual 3d/2d animation... which are these in Pune, Maharashtra? i heard nVidia opened in Pune at Hinjawadi. but that doesen't qualify as an...
  19. the.kaushik

    torrent problem with my fedora c5

    hi friends help me out! i downloaded fedora core 5 from some official website using MU torrent and i finished it downloading a DVD version in .ISO format.. it shows 100% completed.. now while burning it in nero when after some time an error came called block damage or somethin same to it...
  20. P

    recover encrypt file

    I have encrypt a folder(windows xp pro with SP2 with vista customization pack) I have formate my OS drive and i forget to take back due to this my encrypt folder file not opened in newly intalled OS(Windows Xp pro). I have trying it with previous OS installed.How can i recover it(Files like...
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