1. bubusam13

    IEMs with nice punchy bass within 2K

    Hi I have Soundmagic MP21. They are nice. But sometime I want to listen to good punchy(not boomy) bass also which MP21( or PL21) lacks. One of my colleague listened to JBL tempo IEM and my MP21 and told me JBL tempo sounded great, volume is loud and more punchy as if listening to a Hi-Fi system...
  2. P

    Should I buy Sony Xperia SL @ Rs.21600/- ?

    Hi Do you recommend buying Sony Xperia SL at Rs.21600 from indiatimes? I mean, is the phone a nice choice for this price? Secondly, can this website be trusted? Thanks!
  3. sumit_anand

    CES 2013: A quick update on the major launches

    Hey, I came across a nice article on engadget about the major launches at the CES 2013 by all the brands so just thought of sharing it with you so that we can have a nice discussion about all the major launches. Here comes the URL CES 2013: HDTV and connected devices roundup
  4. S

    Discussion JBL Poducts

    I thought of buying JBL Jembe Wireless Bluetooth Speakers,is that a nice brand & what is the approximate price of this product
  5. P

    Camcorder buing guide

    hello...everyone i want to buy a camcorder within 15000-25000 rs, i dont know about the features but it can capture video or images(or both) at a distance of around 30-50 mtrs,,,for should take nice shots at that distance & i can see the faces clear out of it...,,thanks in advance......
  6. P

    camera buying guide

    hello...everyone i want to buy a digital camera within 15000-25000 rs, i dont know about the features but it can capture video or images(or both) at a distance of around 30-50 mtrs,,,for should take nice shots at that distance & i can see the faces clear out of it...,,thanks in...
  7. B

    keyboard mouse combo

    any sugetions on keyboard with backlit? i dont want any fancy keyboard with progamable keys. just want to work on dark or low light. any kb+mouse combo will be nice. but if anything is not there would like to hear recommendation of mouse too. same with mouse. no fancy gaming mouse just...
  8. rahul.007

    SONY XPERIA U -- feature packed device

    Guys this is my second review after reviewing and using motorola fire xt. Got this for my sister yesterday from flipkart @ Rs. 14790 (after rs. 200 cash back). So lets begin.... REVIEW: Sony Xperia U • Sony Xperia U is nice looking handset but one thing that you can't call it...
  9. U

    lori cornmesser newbie..

    hello everyone..Nice to be here.. best regards, lori cornmesser
  10. S

    Mobile for around 5k

    i want to buy a budget phone for around 5k. preferred form factors are slide, qwerty, touch and type... i may also consider a full touch phone primarily will be used for texting and as a music player with occasional internet access.. Dual Sim and wifi facilities will be a nice add on... and...
  11. F

    New Monitor Help

    I recently built a budget gaming rig but at that time I didn't upgraded my monitor due to budget issues. Now I want to buy a 20" monitor in 6.5k range. The max I can go is 7k. Please help me out with this. I will be buying it by end of this month. Viewing angles should be nice and I am...
  12. evilmage93

    New lappy for engineering stud

    Wl I am taking admission this yr in engineering clg, I am thinking of taking admisn in CSE or IT branch. I already have an Acer Aspire netbook but I thinks thats under-rated for my further studies, So I want a new Laptop and would require some advice regarding it. It should meet the...
  13. pratyush997

    Thepiratebay Simply Rocks

    Hello Folks over TDF..I would like to share some stuff I found while Searching in!! I found a really very interesting Section over there!! A Legal Threats Section and finally this is funny :wink::-D
  14. P

    Lg lm7600

    t the 42inch LM7600, it’s beautiful and has a minimalist design. It has a slim bezel that looks invisible when the TV is off. Haven't had the chance to play around with it much, but so far, I'm impressed. Nice blacks, good viewing angle. Anyone else taken the plunge on this one yet?
  15. J

    Urgent! Laptop for rendering,animation and gaming in 65k

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 65k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen (A lightweight laptop will be nice :) ) 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Like:Dell,Asus,Sony...
  16. I

    Need to buy ups for my pc

    NEED TO BUY UPS FOR MY PC Hi, now a days there are lot of power cut in my area so i want to buy one nice UPS... Please suggest me the best one.. :)
  17. A

    New member: introduction.

    Hello everybody, I am a new member to the forum site. I hope to have a nice time with the community.
  18. C

    Best smartphone under 20,000?

    I am looking to buy a smartphone under Rs. 20,000. 1)I'm looking for a phone which looks stylish. 2)It should have a big screen. 3)It should be full touch i.e. no qwerty keypads. 4)It should have a nice camera. 5)It should have a nice processor (preferably dual core).Does dual core...
  19. D

    How to make nice pizza?--

    So.. yea, how? :D----
  20. D

    How to make nice pizza?

    So.. yea, how? :D
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