1. R

    mobo for 5k

    A good motherboard for 5k? Compatible with phenom x4 970 or x6 1055t....wont be overclocking. On board graphics if possible would be nice. Ive seen the asus m5a97. Is the 1k extra justified? Thanx!
  2. aroraanant

    Finally the beast Samsung S3 is released

    Well the specs can be seen here at gsmarena. It has got a 4.8" display, well thats huge but the size of the phone is similar to S2, but the display is just HD and not full HD and also it is Super AMOLED but is better than that of the S2. It has got a huge battery i.e. 2100mAh. One drawback...
  3. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Gigabyte G1.Sniper 3 Preview

    71gULPZzBwA Source - SinHardware
  4. coolnikhil

    Need a QWERTY fone under 7k

    hey guyz... I need a fone for me... I already owe a Samsung Galaxy S so no need of any android showbiz. I need a QWERTY fone for particularly used for chatting between my college classes and dual sim phone would be preferable but no a strict requirement and. a good battery backup would be nice...
  5. saikiasunny

    Freeware for sound enhancement?

    Hello friends! I was looking for a free sound enhancement s/w for my PC. I have DFX9 for WMP. But it is a trial version. So is there any freeware available. It would be nice if the s/w can work with games too:-?. TIA sunny.
  6. M

    modding my cabinet with LED strip, nice and cheap look guarenteed

    hi there..:)) well this can be applied to any cabinet having a nice ground clearance, got the LED strip from SP road, Bangalore, 120/meter and 2 meters was sufficient , also requires some basic solder skills and may be a bit of patience and planning:)) places added LED strips, my cabinet, CM...
  7. pkkumarcool

    Why broadband sucks in india

    Slow Internet in India Comic | Indian comics about life and irritations. Haha...a nice and funny comic about broadband in india...
  8. I

    C compiler for windows 7

    Hi guys, I urgently need an c compiler for windows 7 64 bit. I tried to search a lot on google but i could not find anything. I have my exams next month and i need it to practice. It would be nice if anyone can provide me a link or something. Thanks in advance.
  9. S

    Suggest Feature you want in GPU

    Hi EveryBody, I will be looking to as many old forum topics as i can, but there can always be fresh inputs from you so I have created this thread. It would be nice if you also mention some key advantages of that feature. I hope you will grow it fiercely. List both hardware and...
  10. J


    hello friends, i m a new user of this forum , i was finding the people of "my type" and after a long search i reached there.. nice to get there.:P
  11. meetdilip

    Bandwidth meter for Ubuntu

    hi, any good bandwidth meter available for Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat ? One with graph will be nice.
  12. O

    Suggest me a Graphic Card for GTA IV

    Guys I just wanna play GTA IV online with some friends and for that I want to purchase a nice GPU which can help me to play game with medium settings and without lag :P Monitor - 18.5" CPU - Dual Core E5200 Ram - 4 GB Suggest me a nice card for playable settings and without any lagging...
  13. R

    laptop for 35k

    hello budget is strictly 35k.....can't exceed a single penny...suggest me some nice products...:D
  14. Nipun

    Samsung galaxy fit unboxing+mini review

    Samsung Galaxy fit, my father's latest purchase was with for unboxing and about an hour after that so I decided to give it a "mini-review". Cost: Rs. 10,000 Display: QVGA, 8.41cm TFT LCD Camera: 5MP The box The box is little long than others. On cutting seal and opening flap/cover...
  15. L

    Gaming pc

    Gaming PC Help needed .. Hi everyone im from hyderabad and wld like to build a gaming pc but confused to go for i5 2500k or amd cpus as donno which can be upgraded easily..So guys please do suggest me a nice gaming build which i can connect to my 32Lcd tv and budget is 40 to 5ok..Thanks in...
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    [H] MSI GTX550 Ti Cyclone II SLI vs HD6950 vs GTX560 Ti HAWK

    Another nice review by Hardocp using latest drivers and nice Dx11 titles. HARDOCP - Introduction - MSI N550GTX-Ti Cyclone II SLI Video Card Review
  17. A

    Help me choosing a cell phone please

    I bought LG Optimus One, Nice gadget I have to say. Thanks guys.
  18. rohan_mhtr

    Cheap Graphics card

    Friends , i need a second hand pci-e graphics card to watch HD content on my 23' monitor . I wont be gaming so any cheap card will do . It would be nice if it has a DVI output . Budget is ~Rs1000 . Mention your offers .
  19. quan chi

    Fable 3

    I know few members here have completed it. But i must say though the pc version of the game is a bit crippled it seems nice. just unlocked the family package(marriage,love etc.;-).:D) Though i maybe in the starting levels(first two hours maybe) of the game till now it seems really nice. I...
  20. NitrousNavneet

    Tikona FMC 599

    Yesterday , Got new Tikona Net Connection. My Plan is - FMC 599. With 2 MBps Speed for first 4gbs and the 64kbps Nice:?::? posting pic. soon.
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