1. esumitkumar

    Which Nokia to take?

    As I am hell bent on NOKIA :lol: Also had a look on but still confused...... :( Plz suggest a mobile under these constraints: 1. Max Budget =15K 2. FM Radio 3. Expandable memory slot...(so that i can install new appln+ games) 4. Camera is optional.... 5...
  2. V

    Is the ATI X800GT available in India?

    I saw a few reviews for this card - they call it the 6600GT killer. For a similar price (170$ - US) it has much higher specs. The benchies are also quite good - sometimes even upto 6800 standards. Will be nice if we have this in India :-)...
  3. D

    Now no need of Gmail notifier ::Check It::

    I think this is latest. * should be spread fast. Have a nice time. :)
  4. M

    Want to know Games titles Like POP:Worrior Within

    I had played prince of persia both "sand of time" & "worrior within" . This games is very nice. So I want to know another games names like this kind of games , like sword fight, ancient & epic. thanks.
  5. bharathbala2003

    nokia 6820??

    does any1 use a 6820.. am plannin 2 buy it.. so if some 1 cld tell me about the phone it wld b nice..
  6. H

    IP Drama

    hey guy all my frnds keep on say tht there ip address changes everyday.... while some says itz the same everyday... wht is this ... and in wht kinda connectiion does IP changes everyday... and is it nice tht ur ip changes everyday???
  7. xenkatesh

    A New MMORPG For Ragnarok Fans!! No lag!! No Bot!!

    Hey Guys.. Check the new game from sify.. This is similar to Ragnarok.. fully 3D nice graphics nice game play check it today.... Website :
  8. P

    avatar restrictions

    what is with this avatar restrictions. only 80*80 & less than 10kb. i have some nice one's but the are of more than 80*80. i need a good one. helpppppppp
  9. anispace

    best camera phone??

    i want to know about the best camera phone available?? price,features etc. the SE s700i is a nice 1 i guess
  10. ShekharPalash

    [Article] Freeware Applications for Windows

    I was just browsing PCW and found this nice article by Laurianne McLaughlin from the August 2004 issue of magazine about Freeware applications for Windows. It's 8 page long article with brief details of FREEWARE applications, many r are OpenSource, but most of them are FREEWARE... so I'm...
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