1. Tanmay Satpathy

    N95 8 GB - "Contact Reatailer" Message Displayed

    I have a Nokia N95 8GB. I have installed a few applications on to it and after restarting it displayed "Phone Could Not be Started, Contact Retailer". I have send the phone to Nokia Care Centre. Its 10 days since then.... no results. They keep on saying me that the phone has been sent to the...
  2. H

    N95 8GB gets major firmware update

    Nokia has released a major firmware update for the N95 8GB. the latest firmware v15.0.015 has major changes in it like integration of Flashlite 3,enables Auto focus when shooting under night mode,improved wifi detection and stability in power saving mode,improvements to the Nokia Maps...
  3. N

    Difference between GPS & A-GPS and between N82 & N95

    Difference between GPS & A-GPS facilities of N82 & N95 What is the difference between GPS and A-GPS (Assisted GPS) I believe N95 (non 8GB) has GPS while N95 8GB and N82 has A-GPS. Which is the better of the two? Further if maps are copied to either N82 or N95 by Nokia PC Suite, is it still...
  4. M

    play wmv files s60v3

    guys i have a nokia n95 8gb.. i have a corecodec player for playing mpg files, smartmovie for avi files, realplayer(inbuilt) for real media files i want a player for wmv files for my n95 8gb (s60v3).. and also if possible an all in one player which plays all of thse files... pls suggest... i...
  5. koolbluez

    N95 8GB in bangalore for cheapest

    I'm plannin to buy the N95. where in bangalore can i get the N95 8GB without gettin cheated, r there fakes out there. how can i check? i heard of nokias made in different countries being below quality or so... which is the best? i need the cheapest rates too? urgent replies please. goin to buy...
  6. gdatuk

    Nokia N95 8GB Software version available

    Nokia N95 8GB Software version 11.0.026 released - 22 November 2007 This software version includes performance and stability improvements to the browser and Nokia maps.
  7. S

    Anyone has used N95 GPS?

    I am having trouble using the N95 GPS. Anyone has used it? I also need the bangalore and/or chennai map for my N95. any resource?
  8. krazzy

    5-mpix camera test on GSMArena. You choose the winner!

    GSMArena have made a unique comparison test of the currently available 5-mpix camera phones in the market, viz. Nokia N95 8gb, Samsung G600, Sony Ericsson K850i and LG Viewty. Its unique in the sense that they have just provided the sample images without letting us know which image is taken by...
  9. assasin

    N95 8GB - sud i go 4 it???

    hi guys! i was thinkimg of upgarding from my present N73 ME to a N95 8GB. so just wanted the opinion of u guys. i've planned to buy the fone 2morrow,so if u wanna suggest any other model then plz do it by 2night. thnx.
  10. appu

    Review of Nokia N81/Nokia N81 8Gb

    Review of Nokia N81/Nokia N81 8Gb Sales package: Nokia N81 8GB Wired stereo-headset (HS-45) with remote control (AD-54) USB data cable (CA-101) Battery (BP-6MT) Charger (AC-5) Positioning For Nokia the release of the Nokia N81 is a hallmark event in that it is one of the first...
  11. gdatuk

    Nokia N95 - 8GB Review - in my blog

    Nokia N95 - 8GB Review Please read the review in my blog The First Look When you open the box, you don’t get carried away immediately. Instead your heart sinks a bit on seeing the size of it. But you heart will bounce back to cloud 9 once you insert the battery and switch on the power...
  12. M


    ive just gt a new n95 8gigs i earlier had a nokia 6708 i had agora pus contacts manager in 6708 and had extracted a csv file of all the contacts that i had in the phone,,, now i want all those contacts to be copied into my n95 8gigs hw do i do it??
  13. gdatuk

    Help: Installing Application in N95

    Hi Can you tell me how to install any application in N95 or symbain v3 It is telling me that the application cannot be installed due to certificate constraing..
  14. the.kaushik

    Is there a n95 4gb?

    Is there a n95 4gb? Or a new version of n95 in the market?(Not the n95 8gb or the china one)?
  15. alsiladka

    Nokia N95 has an Accelerometer !! - Video Proof

    Damn, this phone even has an accelerometer!! Source - TheNokiaBlog Awesome, hope to see some new and innovative apps coming up soon. Another reason why its better than iPhone!!
  16. gdatuk

    N95 8 gb has flash memory?

    Does anyone know that the N95 8gb comes with 8gb of internal flash memory or internal micro hard disk?
  17. CadCrazy

    A Computer With 2.8-Inch Screen!

    The second-generation N95 which makes it debut today has a bigger screen (2.8-inch) compared to the earlier 2.6-inch, and also awesome 8GB storage capacity. The stunning Nokia N95 8GB made its debut global shipments today and will be hitting a store near you soon. The Nokia N95 8GB is the...
  18. alsiladka

    Nokia N95 or Apple iPhone?

    Here is a long long comparitive review. Source I think it go into the direction that N95 is more of the Advanced Users device, and iPhone for the mass consumer markt.
  19. mohitgiri

    what is wifi(wireless) in my Hp laptop.

    Hi friends, i want to know what is wifi (wireless) function in my lappy and how can i use it. is this any use for my cell N95. it also have wifi.
  20. mohitgiri

    N95 GPS help

    i want to use GPS in my N95. i live in jodhpur. this device is shows only some main roads(highways). i want proper map. please help me to use it.
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