1. M

    how to use n95 as webcam with usb cable ?

    how can i use n95 as webcam with usb cable ? i don't have any bluetooth stuff. guide me or give me link of full step by step tutorial
  2. rajwansh2003

    Updated N95

    How can i update my mobile N95. Directly by phone. More over there are few problem 1. I can not open my web icon, and so i could not use net. But i can use it from opera mini. i.e i am posting this threat from my mobile. 2. I could not open my clock. It say 'system error'
  3. N

    Which firmware available on new N95 now?

    I want to know that if I buy a new N95 in the market now (the classic version.....not the 8GB version) will I get version 21 of the firmware? What is the best way to verify that I will be getting the latest firmware when I buy?
  4. I

    how to get n95 gps working

    i got a second hand nokia n95 1 gb, how do i get the gps working(i m a complete noob in gps stuff), do i have to call my network provider(dolphin), any idea about the charges? please help
  5. T

    Question on Location Tagging

    Anyone has tips on location tagging from phone...I hv a n95 and 78 at home..
  6. S

    I am buying a N95 8GB tomoro...What say? :D

    I like the N95 style but its too bulky and the price is much heavier.... :D ....So....what say.... any other suggestions? req: would prefer a wide screen since I am planning to go wap GPS prefered A2DP for Moto snook (S9) easy connectivity to laptop (i use W700i now for dialup....hope the...
  7. r2d2

    Nokia N95 8GB for Rs 26999 from indiaplaza.in

    I have a indiaplaza.in gift certificate (got under the 100% money back offer) so if anybody is interested in buying the Nokia N95 8GB (1 Year Manufacturer Warranty) direct from www.indiaplaza.in for Rs. 26299 (Indiaplaza price Rs. 28799) PM me. The voucher can also be redeemed for any other...
  8. aminsagar123

    Monitor downloads via wap ?

    Hello Friends, I have BSNL Home 500 Plan and i download stuff from rapidshare every night during free hours. I use flashget for downloading. is there any way i can monitor what's going on the laptop or flashget using my nokia n95. is it possible ? thanks in advance.
  9. H

    which fone to buy after N95 8GB

    hey guys at present i'm using a N95 8GB for the past 4 months and now i wanna try somethin different (read i'm tired of using s60 for more than 2yrs starting frm 6630,5500,N73ME & N95 8GB).so selling off the N95 8GB for 21k. now i wanna try somethin diff.my choice r (not in order of...
  10. H

    Selling N95 8GB

    I'm selling my N95 8GB whihc i had bought on 23/11/2007. i've the original bill,box and all accessories tat came with the fone. the fone is in very good condition.using screen guard from the day of purchase. fone has no probs.i'm selling this fone cuz i've become bored using the s60 fone.hav...
  11. S

    N95 GPS working?

    Hi all i've connected N95 to the GPS satellites....but i had to stand in the terrace for abt 5 minutes...I don't beleive i'll be able to connect instantly when i am in hte car....that apart...there are no decent maps available for even the important cities in india.....if there is a map and if...
  12. S

    Stereo bluetooth headset

    Hi All, Please suggest a streo bluetooth headset. I have to pair it with my laptop and also my N95. I thought the motorola S9 would be good. Any idea abt its price?
  13. guest

    Can i replace my N95 body

    Hi, I'm using a n95 but you see since i'm aregular traveler and a very careful phone user ;) well my n95 body has all the paint gone off anf tonnes of scratches and all the silver pain on the keypad gone. You'll have to see it to believe it how bad it is. I love the phone after the latest...
  14. A

    Network Problem with N95 Basic

    I have this nokia n95 with Vodaphone connection for about 6 months and from te last 15days i have had my network disappear from time to time.. To get network back i have to restart the phone...tried all settings on the phone....also tried restoring the factory setting... my last option was...
  15. mayanks_098

    Want a new phone.budget 20k(+- a lillte)

    Its time to dump my old N-Gage QD and get a new phone.Budget,as mentioned is 20k. till now i have finalised SE P1i. Reasons: 1. i dont want Nokia,i have been a victim of slowness of symbian nokia phone,i never liked them.A new message takes 3-4 secs to open on my s60 phone. 2. i want a faster...
  16. H

    Online share trading software for N95 8GB

    one of my clients need an online share trading software for the N95 8GB which he has bought from.so plz provide me with download links/software names whihc wud allow him to do online share trading.
  17. mohitgiri

    Flash Lite 3 For N95 8gb

    friends i want to download flash lite 3 in my n95 8gb. although it is avail in latest service pack(firmware version). but i m not intrested to download it coz of its 107 mb size. plz suggest me alternate regds
  18. The Conqueror

    Nokia N82 or N95

    Which is better ?
  19. N

    Which is the best mobile compare to its price?

    Most of the people here say N95 But here the question is different Compared to its price which one is the best?
  20. mohitgiri

    want op logo in my n95

    friends i wanna to set op logo in my n95. i can set op logo easily in my n70. but now i want to set in this how can i set it plz guide. regards
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