1. TheMost

    N95 8GB - Downgraded performance

    I Bought a N95 8GB 3 yrs back and still have that for me :cry::cry: The prob is it is getting slower and slower day by day ... How to bring that to condition .. I Am using only its 8GB .... Didn't make any modifications .... Should i update ??? How do i do that ??? Via Nseries PC...
  2. NewsBytes

    World’s first: Skype video calls on Symbian phones through Fring

      Fring, the unified mobile app that connects friends from social networks and instant messengers has just given Nokia X6, N97 mini, N97, 5800, N95 8G and N95 users something to gloat about. These phones have a front-facing camera, and can be used to conduct video calls with other users on...
  3. F

    BSNL wifi + N95 or PSP...possible?

    I have bsnl 'broadband' (so called) with a wi-fi router/modem UT starcom type2... Works okay with my laptop, no issues... but- when i try to connect my n95 or psp to it for surfing, it shows connected, but the browser/ internet radio app shows 'no gateway reply'... when this was being...
  4. G

    N95 8GB or N82?

    actually this qustion is to be asked by dharmil16...but as he cant post a thread ...m posting on his behalf...pls refer to dharmil16 N95 8GB or N82, Which mobile to buy ??? Pls. tell me which mobile is good ? which mobile has DEMAND PAGING feature Thnks
  5. N

    NOKIA N95 flash

    plz tell me procedure to flash the nokia N95 n then install the fresh copy of SYmbian system PLz tell me the original price of its original battery n its standtym..... THX A LOT:-P
  6. T


    hey guys, i have a n95 8gb. Is there any antivirus software required for my fone? Is it really useful? and if yes, are der any freeware antivirus softwares out der?
  7. B

    Your Review on N95

    Hi Friends please post your reviews on N95. please also compare it with n79
  8. N

    Nokia N95 n Nokia 2600

    Hey frenz i hav 2 cell(my bro has N95 :evil: n i hav 2600 :cry:)i dont hav usb for my 2600 but i want to install a game on my 2600... i downloaded a game(java format.jar) from mobile9.com but cudnt transfer it as no USB.I hav usb connection for N95 ,,,is there ny way by wich i can transfer setup...
  9. T

    n 95 8gb or n85

    pls help me. i wanna buy a phone around 24k-25k. i am a bit confused in selecting the correct phone.. i like phone that has good functioning and has a big screen.. which one should i buy N95 8GB or N85?????? if u want to suggest any other phone in this range you r welcomed.:wink:
  10. B

    FS: NOKIA n95 8gb (sealed)

    For sale nokia n95 8 gb. In a sealed box.Not even opened once.Brand new. Reason: Already own a n95 expected price: rs 19000 location: chandigarh EDIT:now sold. thread closed
  11. R

    Nokia N95 for 11.5k

    selling my 1 yr old Nokia N95 with bill, charger, headset, 1 gb Memory card, data cable and a Battery for 11.5k. The brand new model will cost you 19.5k. Interested person can contact me here. The reason for selling is that I need a change.
  12. rajwansh2003

    Mobile For Sale !!!!

    I have three Mobiles For sale 1. Nokia 2626 2. Nokia 6131 3. Nokia N95 Model Year Talk in hours*(till date) Accessories 2626 DEC-2007 218 Org.Head phone, Charger. 6131...
  13. A

    Can we access LAN internet on N95 through USB cable?

    My PC is connected to LAN broad band internet. Is there any possibility to access this high speed internet on Nokia N95 through USB cable? I want to connect my Nokia N95 to PC through USB cable (Supplied in its sales package) for browsing broad band internet on N95. I have PC Suite installed on...
  14. frederick_benny_digit

    n82, n95 or n85 ????

    hey i need a new fone in 20K budget STRICT... 5mp camera, music main criteria...flaunt value also important :P zeroed in to these fones....i guess xenon flash not so imp ... the sliders look sexy. the 3.5mm jacks wud be very ehlpful...i heard the 8gb versions are some 24K for n95 n...
  15. gdatuk

    F.S: Nokia N95 8GB - Chennai Only

    I want to sell my one year old N95 8GB. Its got a bit of scratches in the front and back. But otherwise its in very good condition. Please PM me if u r intersted. Others let me know what price i can expect for it.
  16. C

    nokia e71 vs nokia n95 vs apple iphone

    which is the better phone, do we have a winner
  17. B

    Help in selecting Nokia N95 vs. N95 8Gb

    HELP With Pros and Cons. Also I need suggestions from old n95 and n95 8gb users thanks in advance bilal:)
  18. P

    N95 8GB or anything else?

    Hi All, i am planning to buy a N95 8GB (was drooling at iphone but its not just worth it) Any other suggestions? please pals, help me out on this. thanks, Prashanth
  19. N

    N95 8GB Price Drop

    The upcoming launch of the N96 seems to have done its trick. TheMobileStore website is now quoting the Nokia N95 8GB for Rs.24899 only !! The N95 classic is Rs.19159
  20. A

    how to use wifi

    i m using n95 n wana connect it with wifi using bsnl router.. can u help
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