Looking for HeadPhone with Mic


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Hello Guys,

looking for Headphone with Mic.(going to use it with Oneplus One).

-> MIC is must
-> Budget 1000(Max 1200)
-> Should be durable.
-> Should have great bass

Please help me in deciding. Thanks in advance.

Have Sounmagic models in mind. read somewhere that they are not durable enough.


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Buy Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Online(Mi Piston 3) - Mi Indi

going with Mi Pistons 3. Looks sturdy.


i've been using Soundmagic es19s earphones from quite a some time now so i can say that i've been satisfied by the performance and the quality of the sound that is produced by the earphone that too on such price range and the life of the earphone is quite good too as i've been using it form 4 months now and its working very nice
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