Need SUPER DURABLE Gaming Headphone whithin Rs2000 to 4000 range

Been using my Logitech G130 "gaming" headphones for 2 months till it was beyond usable. Cellotape and Fevikwik could somehow keep it together but the strap eventually snapped and was beyond repair.
A Headphone (some generic one)i owned before lasted me a week or so.

I am not a rough user, my headphones never leaves the sides of my PC. The only wear and tear that goes into it is when i put it on my head or off my head. Still these "gaming" headphones cant last its warranty period. I live in a remote area so warranty guarantee exchange thing is a no no for me.

So i want a gaming headphone, or basically a headphone with mic which has the following
1) Comfortable to wear. The G130's plastic strap was sharp and gave me headaches..
3) Should have a decent mic for voice communication, i dont plan to sing
4) Preferably accompanies a GOOD (downloadable or in a CD)software package, The Logitech g130 could not function in always-on mic mode in dota2
5) It exclusively for PC so USB headphones are okay, but dual jack options are preferable

1.What is your budget?
Below ₹4000

2.What is your need for buying headphone?
Gaming, and in-game communication

3. What kind of
Headphone do you require?
Conventional over the head

4.What is your source?
PC only, and the motherboard in built sound card

5.What kind of music you listen to?
Any type

6.Are you comfortable buying from USA?
As long as they deliver to Aizawl,Mizoram (North east India) Pin code: 796001

7.Do you have any headphones in mind? Please mention names and reason for choosing the same.
Kingston Hyper X Cloud (1st gen model)
Reason: PewDiePie used it in his older videos + glorious reviews

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sorry i got impatient..
I ordered Steelseries Siberia 200. I saw some review comparison and Siberia 200 is better in over all sound quality. And its below ₹4000 while the HyperX Cloud is more than ₹5000
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