MIC is required for chatting during online gaming?


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Hi Guys,

I am looking for a good microphone for chatting during online gaming. I have a good headphones which are working great but the problem is it does not have inbuilt mic. Thats why I am looking for a solution that will help me to fulfill the need.
I am looking for a standalone collar mic or a mic and headset combo which have great mic but do not need to have earphones.

Can U suggest me a cheap headphone mic which have great mic performance, sound does not need to be that good.
Or I can go for the standalone mic solution.

So what do u guys suggest. If someone have used a cheap headset whose mic performance was phenomenal that please do share with me.

Budget : Under Rs 500-600.
Since you are into online gaming only, you should simply go for headphone with mic. There is one model from Lenovo, around Rs800, forgot the model number, just search it on Snapdeal or Amazon.
You will not get good mic quality on your gaming headphone, unless you buy those expensive Rs10,000+ Gaming headsets. Gaming headphone mics are purely meant for communication, that too, short burst of communication, like GO THERE, ATTACK,NEED BACKUP,GANK TOP etc etc so Sound clarity has never been an important aspect. If you get your message across to your teammates, thats MORE than enough, and this is why no gaming headset focuses on Mic quality. I have used the Steelseries Siberia V3 worth Rs 6000+ and the Mic is no better than Samsung headset that came free with an old Galaxy Grand phone.

You can also use your mobile phone headset for gaming. All you need a Male 3.5 to Female Y Audio-Mic splitter. Splitter around Rs 300.

In short, just buy any Headset with mic from iBALL or small brands. Use them for 2-3 months. Once they break, buy a new one.
Or save around Rs1500-2000 for Logitech G130
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