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  1. william

    y u want to chane now!!

    guys i ant to change my win xp key. can you tell me any method to so. i already know one method that is through registry.but i have few questions-- what r the possible problems that can arise later on?? can it lead to reinstalling of windows?? please help me
  2. kerthivasan

    Why Can't They Use Brute Force Method To Hack E-mails?

    Why Can't They Use Brute Force Method To Hack E-mails?
  3. K

    What is for?

    Hi Guys, *I am using I would like to know the actual writing speed of the CD-Rom having Datas. *I would like to buy a 700VA UPS for my computer. Can you recommend me a good one? *I am using Internet Explorer 7 and word 2003. I copy,each file, what I browse from Internet...
  4. saurabh kakkar

    how can i use windows inbuilt encryption method

    hi i have heard that windows have a inbuilt encryption method which it uses in REMEMBER PASSWORD option i want to know wheather it is possible to use windows encryption method to encrypt my files ? if yes then HOW ? Ii dont get any option to encrypt file when i right...
  5. Lucky_star

    Using Two Modems Together

    I have got two Cable modems and I have connected them together to my Computer, one through USB and other through LAN. Both connections have separate IP addresses. So my question here is - Can I configure two broswers (IE, Opera, Firefox) in such a way that one browser uses One connection and...
  6. arunks

    suse installation problem!!!!

    i downloaded x86_64 5 cds from opensuse's site.... i wanted to install from iso images on the hard disk so i burned first cd and booted the system from it... on the front menu there was option to select hard disk by changing options by F4 key.. then it said "if empty then it will search all...
  7. ray|raven

    Engage DockBar.

    Hi, i installed engage on ubuntu 6.06 dapper. I fiddled around with the options to try and make it semi-transparent so it looks like the os x dock. Could some one give me the method to make it semi-transparent? Regards... Ray
  8. chesss

    Set top box!

    Hey my cable-wallah installed the set-top-box today. SO here's a review about my set-top-box experience for those mystified about stb's Note that things will be different with different set-top-boxes . My set-top-box is 'in-digital''s INSTALLATINO This was easy. The cable-guy came with...
  9. nithinks

    Search method used by GOOGLE----Question for coders

    Can anyone tell me the method of search algorithm used by google? (example:- Sequential,binary searches etc),Which makes that so fast ,reliable and efficient?
  10. koolbluez

    Files in urls!!!

    This maybe geek & latin to a layman… so anyone who doesn’t understand @least some html, please don’t stress ur brain in this. A recent travel thru the LifeHacker brought me to a method to incorporate a file into a link. Using this method, we can convert and encode a binary file into a web-link...
  11. wizrulz


    Can we have preview in Utorrent?? there is ssuch option in bitcommet but not in Utorrent...any method to do so??
  12. baccilus

    Updating FC5!

    Can i update FC5_64bit to all the functionalities of FC6, And more necessarily make an update CD. Whenever we install this OS it asks if there is any additional media. I should be able to update my OS by that method.
  13. kerthivasan

    Assembler Language!!

    need help on assembler language.can anyone plz say the books on assembler language and where can i get it and the name of the publication and wheather i can get it for free or paid.i don't mind the method to get it.i just want a book regardless of whether it is free or not.
  14. [ashX]

    Automating Windows XP Installation

    Hi! I m searching the method for Automating Windows XP Installation. I Found One method ... Put winnt.sif file on the Floppy and start installation with Bootable CD! But I want to do installation from CD itself. Is there any method to this? Plz Help Me!
  15. kantiman

    How to hide tray icon

    Can anyone tell me how to hide the tray icon. I mean a single tray icon and not the whole system tray. I know the hide inactive icons method. Is there any other method. I read the registry tweak to hide all tray icons in fast track on windows registry. Is there any tweak to hide a single icon...
  16. D

    Any method to install updates in a new hard disk without connecting to internet?

    Hello Everyone, I am going to change my hard disk from 80GB to 200GB....At present I have updated my sytem for Adobe standard, windows XP..... Is there any method by which I can skip updating... I mean I want to copy the contents....I don't know it works or not...Also I had games installed...
  17. iMav

    MacBooks Get Hacked Within 60 Seconds

    Bad news for an apple fan .... Two security researchers from Black Hat this week revealed a method in which a MacBook can be broken into and taken control of. In fact, the intrusion method is at such a low level that even firewalls and anti-virus applications can't help. Based on flaws in...
  18. ionicsachin

    Reduction of size....

    Hi, I ve got a gif animation which i want to put as my "avatar". But the problem is that its size is greater than 300 KB and Digit Forum allows only 15 KB. Is there any method to reduce its size.
  19. ymhatre

    Any method to convert protected .wmv file

    Guys ihav some documentary movies in wmv format.... Problem is tht i hav to connect to net every time i wish to watch the movie... since my net connection is available only at night it becomes very hectic for me.... So is there any alternate method or something by which i can play or convert...
  20. A


    HI ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Everyone ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I have inserted a textbox in my userform and two buttons captioned as "SAVE" and "OPEN". Now, i want to ake the following changes- 1. When a viewer types into this box and clicks on "SAVE", a windows-like box should appear where he can...
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