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  1. R

    How to delete NTFS Partition with Fdisk???

    Can i delete NTFS partition with Fdisk? Can anyone explain how to please!!! Or any other method to delete the NTFS Partition???
  2. A

    Startup Only

    Please tell me every single method you know to decrease windows xp startup time.
  3. D

    dada help mangata

    i recently compress my 10 mb trailers to 83 kb by using kgb archiver compressor.but how can i play them after compressing,no player can play it.kgb also has decompressor but it soen't works or it didn't know how to do it. gimme a simple method so can i play it on my pc.
  4. R


    The proxy at our college redirects "www.google.com" to www.google.co.in". If i wish to open "www.google.com" i search for it in the google.co.in and then I click 4 d chached page. can u tell me any other method
  5. M

    Cannot compile java program in Ubuntu.

    I have started learning java now. So, I decided to practise a bit at home. For that I downloaded and installed JDK 1.5 on my system. I am still on basics of java as I've just began. I compiled and ran one-two program without problems. But, when I come to the program below, I get an error code...
  6. P

    Start up cleaner.....

    r there any softwares that stops the startup programs, so that my comp's stat up becomes fast. I know the msconfig method, but 1 time it crashed my comp (I had to format it)!!!! :(
  7. N

    Find if a user is offline or online on Yahoo! Messenger

    Many people nowdays prefer to stay offline while using Yahoo! Messenger - mostly done to avoid someone. There are many ways of finding people who are online but yet invisible. First Method: Doodle Method 1. Double Click on the user whose status you want to check. 2. A message window will...
  8. Kniwor

    Wireless lan, help.

    I need to connect 3 computers by LAN, wireless, I am in hostel, so if the connection works in range of 50 meters it will be fine, but there will be walls and other abstracles in between, what is the cheapest method, and how will be the data transfer rates. Dont suggest me telling why...
  9. john_the_ultimate

    without reinstalling windows???

    I wants to replace my existing motherboard, cpu and gfx card but don't want to reinstall windows. So how could it be done? Please give step by step procedure if possible. I am upgrading from intel to amd and from fx5200 agp to 6600gt pci-e. Thanks in advance. There are many method I found, when...
  10. R

    Digit shows the (wrong ?) way

    Hi I have a 80GB HDD.I tried to create FAT32 partition using the method provided in Take a Crack - Digit Jul 05,pg 40.This entry won prize also.To my dismay I found the method doesn't work.The method worked for deleting the partitions.However fdisk.exe provided with win98 showed my HDD is of...
  11. P

    please helppppppp. urgent hepl needed on distributed OS

    hi, can any one please tell me the names of any 2 global scheduling algorithms that lead to "Processor Trashing"? and the method over come them. please reply is very urgent....... help help... thank you.
  12. ax3

    Rapidshare ! ! !

    many people upload files they wanna 2 share on RAPIDSHARE ... bt dialup users like myself cannot download them easliy ... any method or way 2 download them ???
  13. N


    i have win 98 on C:\,win xp on D:\,40 gb hardisk,if i format C:\ (I want to have only xp) will it cause any boot problems like the os choice menu please also explain whole method of reinstalling the os(after formatting)
  14. V

    html how to attach???

    can anyone tell me how to attach html files with lot of pics in them to an e-mail please tell me the easiest method and in case gmail & yahoo specifically ?????
  15. A

    IPB legal Or Not

    Hello Guyz I wanted to know how can we find i someone is using a Legal version of Invision Power Board or not. and how can we protest against that person if he is not using the Legal one. and a pirated one. Is there any method to check and also is there any free version available?
  16. D

    URGENT HELP: How to PrintScreen Graphics n TurboC3?

    i have ade some projects in turboc3, (which i gotta demonstrate to my teacher) making circle,parabola, etc. But i am unable to o/p the images generated. Any method? PS: the normal method "edit-mark-paste" used to o/p texts of DOS window doesnt seem to work for DOS images.
  17. Vishal Gupta

    Norton Ghost 9 Suggestions

    Guys! I installed Norton Ghost 9.0 I'm very new to this s/w. I never worked on it. So I wanted to know how to create a backup of ne partition and how to restore it? I tried following to make a backup of my C: drive: I clicked on Backup Drives, It opened a wizard, I selected the C: drive...
  18. S

    Which method of Defragmentation to use in O&O Defragmenter8?

    Using O&O Defragmenter v 8 for a couple of days(was using Perfect Disk 7 b4that)...Win XP startup and Shutdown improved drastically. But the interface is confusing:which method do i use to defrag??There are some methods such as: 1.Space 2.Stealth 3.Complete/Name 4.Complete/Access...
  19. H

    How to disable Autorun in XP

    I want to disable autorunof CD's and DVD's in but unable to do it.Could you plz tell me the method to do it thanx
  20. A

    Cryptography, Can you brake the CODE?

    Cryptography Cryptography is the study of different methods of encryption, decryption and cryptanalysis of data. Whenever any sensitive information is sent on internet we must think about it's safety. It should not fall in wrong hands hence it is not sent the way it is supposed to be sent. It...
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