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  1. Z

    Rip dvds with errors

    I am trying to rip some DVDs but they have errors. I have tried most of the software but it just does not work because of these errors. I read tutorial in this forum about ripping such dvds using a combination of four software. I tried that method too but it did not work as the DVD Decrypter...
  2. Y

    Samsung galaxy tab p1010

    Hai I have bought a samsung galaxy tab p1010. The problem is i am using connectify to connct my nokia e63 mobile with the tata photon plus connection but i could not able to connect my tab using this method as it does not support adhoc connections. could some one guide me on this. I have...
  3. D

    Flipkart Letsbuy

    i want to buy a headphone from any of these sites buy my address is not serviceable by couriers used by these sites but if in my address if i change the pin code to nearest pin code(3-4 kilometers far) i can get a cash on delivery can i order buy using this trick is there any problem...
  4. J

    JAVA NULLexception errors

    Hi guys.I am creating a project in Netbeans JAVA for my school.Its sort of a Virtual Car Showroom. I have Java-Mysql connectivity. I am having certainly EXCEPTIONAL Nullexception errors. Actually it's a sort of weird :shock: Here's the error: Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0"...
  5. baiju

    BSNL Broadband frequent disconnection problem

    Hi, I have a 500BB (night unlimited) 2mbps combo plan. Two months back my modem conked off due to lightning. Then I purchased a new modem 'Belkin G Wireless Modem Router' from ebay. Now the problem is that the connection gets disconnected frequently like 3 or 4 times in a minute. sometimes it...
  6. Blue Ripazah

    [SOLVED] virus ..........need help

    my pc is infected by a virus it displays a file named "winfile.exe" its owner name is "gy" and my kaspersky antivirus is detecting as "comment.htt" now what is the method of removing it need help :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
  7. TheMost

    How to overcome torrent traffic throttle ?

    Guys , I am a frequent torrenter and nowadays i am severely throttled of my bittorrent traffic .. So i went to torrific.com for some help ... It seems good and i used to Download them with IDM at a favorable speed but i am not able to add some torrents due to some personal problems Is there...
  8. hjpotter92

    Notepad 2 vs Notepad ++

    Which one is better? Please tell me. Both of them are almost the same, but NotePad 2 is light in size. Notepad++ on the other hand is present there when I right click a file. Also, tell me a method to replace default notepad in windows with something else ;) i.e. whichever is the best in...

    Bulk sms providers..

    Frnds I need a bulk sms provider in Delhi NCR for my company promotion. So, plz suggest if you have any idea about it. I need high priority, method of delivery and low rates. If anybody using it or have any idea plz share ur comments.
  10. ajai5777

    Is there any method to watch DTH in TV and PC ?

    Now I am using local cable connection and watching in both TV and PC.I have Tuner card - pixelview play TV pro3.But now ESPN and others are not getting in cable so i decided to shift to DTH.But I need to watch that in TV and PC.(My mom is a serial addict).So I cant watch sports in TV.(PC is in...
  11. bajaj151

    Formatting Vista !!

    I have two OS (Dual boot) installed in my system. One is Windows 7 and other is Vista. Vista : C:\ 7 : D:\ I want to remove Windows Vista and want only Windows 7. What is the best method to format (or remove) Vista without having any bootup problems. I mean, do I have to make...
  12. naveen_reloaded

    PS3 Hacked At last !! Hypervisor has fallen !!

    Hi Its been really long i came here... nearly a month (21-12-2009 @ 4PM hi hi ..) I saw the news and rushed to have discussion here .. but to my suprise there was no thread , no in Tech news or in Gaming section... if there is already a thread running , merge this one to the existing one...
  13. bajaj151

    Motherboard Details ??

    Which software will show all the details of motherboard..so that drivers can be downloaded from internet...?? Is there any other method to download drivers..plz suggest
  14. Rollercoaster

    Discovering Windows 7 – Awesome Explorer

    Read the full post here Who would have thought that the work ‘awesome’ could possible be used near ‘explorer’. I mean, no one ever goes “Dude, windows explorer is awesome!”. Ever. I though that those words together should be called a ‘grammatical mistake’ :p It is totally now the case now...
  15. T

    ICICI payseal method

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to integrate the ICICI payseal method in OScommerce platform
  16. damngoodman999

    Best way to clean the motherboard !

  17. I

    Wi-Fi over a large area

    Hi Does anyone know a cost-effective method to set up a wi-fi network across a large area (around 1.25 acres) that includes both indoors and outdoors areas as well as multiple floors and a basement? The internet connection comes from a radio antenna in the form of an ethernet cable which...
  18. Psychosocial

    Ways to clean a scratched disk ?

    Can you guys suggest me some methods to clean scratched disc ? I have tried to clean 3 different discs with 3 different methods (the Dettol/Savlon method, the toothpaste method and the simple mineral water method) and the last one kinda works... the others just ****ed up my disc more :D. Any...
  19. A

    New 160GB HDD 0day use Rs1500/-

    i purchased samsung 160gb IDE hard disk in 2007, hard got bad sector so i sent it to replacement i m going to get new hard disk tomorrow so i will give u serial number for warranty check i m selling hard disk bcoz i want to buy SATA HDD Place: Mumbai Price :Rs 1500 Payment Method :Cash...
  20. A

    just a bit of help required here .....

    I am running openSolaris and trying to learn to use linux presently the screen resolution is limited to 1024x800 I came across this post which showed me how to go about increasing it. http://blogs.sun.com/paulkasper/entry/customizing_opensolaris_screen_resolution_running it asks me to edit the...
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