MacBooks Get Hacked Within 60 Seconds

Discussion in 'Technology News' started by iMav, Aug 5, 2006.

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    Bad news for an apple fan ....

    Two security researchers from Black Hat this week revealed a method in which a MacBook can be broken into and taken control of. In fact, the intrusion method is at such a low level that even firewalls and anti-virus applications can't help. Based on flaws in wireless network driver design, Apple's line of MacBooks -- and MacBook Pros -- allows an attacker to remotely bypass the security of the laptop and the operating system.

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  2. gxsaurav

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    I better add a few things, to stop the mac fanatics

    the hackers used a 3rd party hardware, & 3rd party drivers, & they were able to hack, one mac fanatic said to me this is because of flaw in 3rd party driver not Mac, but i think they should read, that the hackers wanted to run this test on Apple own wireless hardware inbuilt in the Mac systems, but apple forced them not to, cos they have not fixed it yet. The hackers clearly said, that the Apple drivers are also flawed & Mac can easily be hacked

    just to stop the ranting, & now it seems, with each passing day, more & more apple flaws are coming in spotlight, cos now it has a "huge" 4% market share out there :D
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