1. rohitshakti2

    Earning money from Ali Express dot com

    Hi friends, I have seen people sharing referral codes of on many forum. Can anybody help me how is it useful to them and is this a method to earn money or buy products from for free. Other than that, how is the delivery of products (free) to India? regards
  2. rohitshakti2

    Connecting pc and mobile remote apk

    Hi friends, Is there any method to connect the PC and mobile remote apk (Lenovo K3 Note) together without internet/wifi and if yes, how ? Secondly, I have Dell 2215H monitor which does not have a inbuilt speaker, is there any method to attach a speaker to the monitor directly ? My config is...
  3. JGuru

    Java : Interview Questions & Answers

    Java : Interview Questions & Answers Most of guys dread the Java interview in a company. Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you prepare for the interview in a better way. Read on and memorize these questions & answers. Also understand the core concepts. You must read...
  4. win32.tr0jan

    Steam behind proxy

    I want to play CS1.6 ( and maybe TF2 too ). But I am at a restricted environment ( School / office etc.) which is behind a proxy. It has closed the ports used by Steam ( 27000,27015 etc.). Is there any method to make Steam connect ( if its anonymous) ? Or will non steam games be able to connect...
  5. seamon

    Increase resolution of screen.

    I increased the resolution of my laptop screen to 3200x1800 by down scaling method. - - - Updated - - - Comments?
  6. bajaj151

    Tried everything I know...Still can't able to FORMAT pen drive

    I am using Sandisk 32GB Cruzer Blade. Can't able to format pen drive, getting write protected error (There is no switch of write protection on pen drive) 1) Kaspersky detecting Trojan but can't able to delete it. 2) Malware bytes not detecting any threat. 3) Changing driver letter method...
  7. G

    [Tutorial] How to Decrease Video Size without losing quality

    Hi Guys,This is a tutorial on how to decrease the Size of your video without losing much quality.This method will maintain the resolution of your video and decrease its size.The quality maybe reduced by a little percentage sometimes but most of the time it works great.You won't feel much...
  8. G

    Problem with the pavilion g6-2301ax notebook

    guys having with notebook. i accidentally deleted recovery partition and the windows 8 corrupted also. there is no recovery method left now. what to do. also the company guys are not repairing and replacing the notebook. :cry:
  9. R

    Error when buying Skype Credit

    Hey guyz need ur expertise. I live in UAE and want to subscribe 14$/Month Skype INDIA calling credit.But it shows an error displayed at the end below. This is my first time. I'm able to choose 4$/Month Package but I need 14$ Package. The Error in Quotes "Unfortunately, you cannot purchase...
  10. ajayritik

    How to clean an LCD Monitor

    It's been long time since I cleaned my Dell Monitor. Does anyone know of a good method to clean the LCD Monitor. Do we get any specific liquid or solution to clean it. Guys?
  11. E and file serialization

    I got simple queries here.. 1. Can a serialized binary file be edited externally or by 3rd party apps... (stuff like notepad++)? 2. Can a serialized binary file be accessed by an similar app other then the one it was created with? (Say i have 2 apps a1 and a2. a1 has a serializable...
  12. mang

    cannot execute copy command in the command line way

    I have one file 'Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4' which is in a pendrive, I would like to copy this file to Hard disk E:\ using the command line but some how i could not do it I switch from C: to I: which is the USB pendrive and give the command copy Easy Unlock Method With SAM.mp4 E: ( not...
  13. tkin

    Buying from MP4Nation, HELP!!

    Hi, I want to buy this: FiiO E17 Alpen DAC & Headphone Amplifier + Free Brainwavz Beta + Free Overnight Fedex to select destinations - Audio Amps & DAC - Headphones & Amps from MP4nation, I want to clear a couple of things. 1. What are the payment options? Can I pay through HDFC Platinum/Axis...
  14. A

    setup pppoe connection in ubuntu 12.04

    Hello I'm from Ahmedabad, India. I want to setup my GTPL(i.e. the service provider) PPPOE internet connection in ubuntu 12.04 . please help..... I had tried to configure my internet connection in fedora 16 using the following method which worked fine :-- I've tried to go to Edit...
  15. cute.bandar

    Continuous ink supply system. Has anyone tried them?

    Continuous ink system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Basically its a method to have prints at the fraction of the cost of regular printing. Does anyone has any experience with these in india ? There seem to be some shops in in nehru place , that offer to set this up. Comments please.
  16. H

    Need review for Wifi Router

    Hi guys, I hav LG LW5700 3D tv which i want to connect with internet.Im using Cable broadband which works on PPPoE method in which i have to connect by using dialer which hav ID n P/W for connecting on Dynamic IP. Is ther any method i can connect to TV in wired mode.Did tried by putting IP...
  17. Sujeet

    "Webistes Blocked By ISP"-Complaints.

    We are receiving too many complains and pleadings from our members about their beloved torrent sharing sites and Video Sharing websites being blocked. If you have any similar issue of Facing Websites being blocked by your ISP and Operator post your complaints and Queries here. You may...
  18. S

    New iPad

    Hi! I wanna ask you people before seeking my new iPad from USA. That is it UnlocKAble to use in India? I'm in confusion that if i take it from usa(coz cheap there than India :-)), will be able to get it unlocked to use here in my Country? If yes, plz tell me all the pros and cons after that...
  19. D

    NEW Root method for Motorola Android Phones

    An XDA forum member named rodrigojfuentes has come up with a method to root all Motorola phones that are currently running Gingerbread. If you have a computer running Linux, you’re ready to get started. PC and Mac users will need to run a Linux virtual machine to continue. From the command line...
  20. ithehappy

    Best Compression method in WinRAR?

    As the topic asks, can you guys tell me the best compression method while compiling a file with WinRAR. I am trying to compress a 800 mb .MKV file with 'Best' method but it becomes 799 mb. Is there a way to make it smaller without touching the quality of the original file? Thanks in advance.
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