1. dark_king

    What is the customer rights while buying DATA Cards ?

    Hello to all the Members of think digit family . I know all the user of think digit family are well known of teck knowledge . So i am asking one question to all the members and hoping replays from all the members . We all know that there are many service providers who provides data card and...
  2. S

    Radeon 4850+CM 690+450 w PSU

    Hey Guys. Trying to build my rig soon and thanks to members here i been getting some sound advice. Member's post helped me a lot in deciding my components. Currently looking for an i-530 based machine. If any of the member has and willing to sell the following components pls do let me...
  3. E

    sms\email contest

    hi friends I am interested in answering various sms\email contest from tv,radio,newspapers etc. please post any source like tv programmes, website where i can find such contest. members can even post contest questions & the address to send the answers so as that other members can answer...
  4. S

    phenom II 555 BE Vs Athlon II X4 630

    I have seen many of the forum members recommending the Athlon II X4 630 to the members in this forum and i think its a fantastic VFM proccy. I am a new AMD enthusiast and have been doing my part to understand there products better. just browsing through these pages i got two AMD proccy with same...
  5. P

    A facebook worm?????????????

    hi guys. recently a friend of mine who is a facebook user received this message. now i am not too sure what it is a real message or a silly prank or a worm but have anyone of you experienced this?? what is it actually??? " Facebook's become very slow, the reason is that too many non-active...
  6. Kniwor

    List of fraudulent members

    We will try to compile a list of fraudulent members that one should be aware of while dealing on digit. Members that have been known to cheat in the past. Please post here with proper references if you've been cheated and one of the mods will add it to the list if you have a cogent case...
  7. CA50

    Negative Feedback on TDF

    Hi digitians, i have started this thread after going through the Bazaar section. To tell the truth, the bazaar section is just a junk of crappy threads. The members are just dumping their threads just like anything. There is no rules, no systematic posting etc. I saw members started a thread...
  8. P

    Looking for Moderators for a mobile community with 29K members

    Hello, I am looking for a group of indian moderators who can lead a cell phone forum with 29K members. I hope you all know what a moderator is, u will be doing the same in my forum lead the members, teach and control noobies... Please PM me if interested or mail prodemon @ gmail . com...
  9. NoasArcAngel

    guyz heard about ??

    i was just going throught some e-mails ... and i recieved an invite from a friend for, so i called him up and asked him about it he gave me this link and info : WHAT IS LOCKERZ? Lockerz is an invitation-only worldwide community where members can...
  10. soyab0007

    Win prize from lockerz What is a new invitation-only website (the official launch date is October 15), that allows users to gain free stuff just by logging in. Lockerz has been super popular within the Internet community and has been mentioned across the news as well...
  11. crawwww

    shortlisted for GDPI from SIMC

    I have deleted this post because of a discouraging and immature response from one of the moderators. It seems there is a lot of favouritism going on here and moderators are partial towards certain members and may even warn or threaten other members to stop posting to appease them. I'd like to...
  12. A

    Linux Certification

    I am currently in my 2nd year of B.Tech in Computer Science from Amity University, Noida. Thanks to digit, I gathered some basic skills on Linux after which I wondered whether I could convert these into a certificate or not. A superficial search on the internet revealed that there are 4...
  13. soumya

    Tweet here!

    I don't know whether this thread is gonna be deleted or whether there will be any response at all. But suddenly this idea struck me. Why don't all the digit members tweet right here! Enjoying the new interface of Orkut and listening to Bryan Adam's "Cut's Like A Knife"!
  14. amitabhishek

    Insightful article in NYT on terrorism in Pakistan

    Though this is a day old article, IMO its pretty riveting. The journalist have done an extensive research. Probably such articles will keep our defense establishment and Govt. on their toes. More here Also few comments from the readers are worth reading. Esp. this comment from a dude from...
  15. skippednote

    The Desktop Screenshot Thread

    This thread will be a Platform for all the TD members to Show Off their Desktop Screenshot and share their views on others. I begin the Thread with my Screenshot taken last week --
  16. Disc_Junkie

    Wishing everyone a very Happy Durga Puja

  17. krishnandu.sarkar

    Happy Durga Puja To all TDF members

  18. din

    Happy Independence Day

    No thread started yet ? Or I missed it ? To all members in India and abroad. Happy Independence Day.
  19. A

    question about vbulletin

    so my friend was running a forum and he want to protect few peoples account from being viewed by the others members is there any option in vbulletin that allows him to do that?is there any other option to protect some members anonymity in vbulletin? thanks for any further reply's...
  20. F

    What is Group Discussion?

    Group Discussion is a very important round in any selection process, be it for an MBA course, campus recruitment or for any graduate/post graduate degree. The selection committee conducts GD to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it desires in its...
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