1. sabret00the

    Calcutta/Kolkata - G2G Thread

    This is the official Kolkata Digit members Get2Gether Thread.Any further meets or G2Gs we have in Kolkata will be discussed and planned here.As of right now the next G2G is proposed on the 20th of May,2007.Gaurav is the Single Point of Contact(SPOC) for the meet any one can pm him or me for any...
  2. Anindya


    Every now and then i have seen people creating a thread to get useful tips or asking for config before buying or upgrading a PC or laptop. Why dont we use one thread for this purpose like other topics? So i hope members will use this thread for this purpose without creating his own thread.
  3. Yamaraj

    Does India need a revolution?

    I'm now formally sick of India's current socio-political status, with all its stupidity, corruption, fake "India Shining" daydreams, humans rights issues, irresponsible media, a British-Raj Police system, inadequate education and health systems, and the unnecessary burden of bureaucracy. The...
  4. BBThumbHealer

    Which One To Opt For ?

    i wanna switch over to Linux ......... there are three options available for me : uBuntu 7.04 , Fedora Core 6 n the Open SuSE 10.2 !! But i wudn't like to opt for FD 6 coz FD 7 is goin to be launched on 24/5/07.. i wud like to take advice from all members here that which 1 the best in terms of...
  5. 56561

    can I hide windows ?the problem is >>.

    ;) hi i want all of your suggestions to solve this family problem . I live in a joint faily with many family members . I have my own personal computer , but because of these huge number of family members , my PC is not very personal for me . well u can say that make it under password so that...
  6. sude

    help on ccna, mcse courses... SCOPE OF DOING SUCH COURSES

    dear users, i am currently studying BCA 2nd Sem in Bangalore. i have a great urge in knowing in-and-out of computers.... this apart i am thinking of doing advanced cources like ccna and mcse etc... i would like to know from you all the scope of such courses in india. forum members who are...
  7. Arsenal_Gunners

    How to apply invisible mode and detect who is invisible on the forum

    I have just come across few guys(including Fatbeing,mods etc.) on this forum who use inivisible mode while they are online and even more members who are not aware about this system:D so I am doing a little tutorial.. Invisible mode shows your status as "offline" and others can't see what you are...
  8. eagle_y2j

    SEO of phpbb board ?

    I have started a phpbb board with same user permissions like Digit Forum i.e all can view ,registered members can post and mods can edit but i need some robot.txt file to restrict bots from indexing our private folders and other useless content like members list...etc. Can someone help me making...
  9. nikhilrao

    What is your Height ?

    What is your Height ? Lets take a poll and see whats the 'mode-avg' ht of the forum members is. :-) i am 5'7"
  10. M

    help needed in orkut

    hi guys i have created an account in orkut .I have foll things to ask to you 1 how to upload photo for profile 2 how to send messages to other members as i sent there is no such proof in sent folder and also to receiver scrap book pls reply soon THANKS:-)
  11. M

    function problem in excel

    Hello everybody........... I have database in an excel sheet having two columns the first col has names of the team members and the second column has name of team leader of that particular team to whom the team member belongs. My problem is that when I type a team member's name , I manuall...
  12. caleb

    Intel cuts 9500 jobs is that good news for me

    Hello Gentlemen, CNBC is airing "breaking news" that Intel cut 9500 jobs and is also in the process of saving/earning/cutting costs (whatever they call it)by over $3 billion by 2008. Now I'm planning on building a PC by myself for the first time (the credit entilely goes to Digit & the...
  13. S

    Please guys help me

    In yahoo groups we can join a group and after we can's see the images of other members so my browser does not support inline frames so if there is a option in internet explorer then please give me answers so we can see the images of other group members.
  14. H

    Help Needed

    Hi all.. Is there a way to find out the profile or the IP address of a person on a chat forum (eg MSN or Yahoo). It is like this, a lady has complained that one of members of her chat forum is misbehaving, perhaps he knows who she is. Any input on this issue will be welcome. Thanks
  15. FatBeing

    IMPORTANT: Posting in this forum

    Welcome to Fight Club (Yes, you can talk about it) This is an arena for members to indulge in civilised debates on any topic, including controversial ones. While this is generally an area to freely express your opinions, do remember this: 1. Be Civil and Open-Minded. You have...
  16. coolendra

    Calling all Delhi digitizers..... !!!!

    Hey Guys..... how bout a meet... for all digit community members .... its been a long time guys ..... wat say ????
  17. sagar_coolx

    poor ram performance.

    hey guyz,my config: athlon 64 3200+ on asus a8ne, nvidia 6600 gfx, segate 160 gb sata, 2*512 mb ddr 400 transcend ram.@2.5-3-3-8 cr2 bu even then,in everest 2006 i get the foll scores: mem read-around 5100 mem write-aroud 1600 mem latency-around 55ns on 1st try and 34 ns on second. but...
  18. niggers

    Help ! Where To Send Intel Motherboard For Repair

    Helllllooo, Plz help members ! My D865GBF motherboard is not booting, no display, if boots hangs within mins. so plz tell me the address where i can send my motherboard for warranty. I am in Punjab. Plz suggest some gud place. Thnx Members.
  19. Vishal Gupta

    Share Your Favourite WindowBlinds Skin Here!

    Hi Guys! Yesterday I installed WindowBlinds 5.01 in my comp, it contains already some good skins but I also d/l ed some other skins, which I found amazing! :) Thats why I'm starting this topic, so that members who use WindowBlinds, can share their favourite skins here. It'll let other...
  20. frederick_benny_digit


    Edit [Nemesis]: Trading of any product is prohibited on this forum. Please read the forum rules carefully before posting. You are one of our old members - please set an example for newbies rather than breaking the rules.
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