What is the customer rights while buying DATA Cards ?


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Hello to all the Members of think digit family . I know all the user of think digit family are well known of teck knowledge .

So i am asking one question to all the members and hoping replays from all the members .

We all know that there are many service providers who provides data card and modems for internet . And there are two types of method to get those devices 1. Rent and 2. Buy it from the service provider .

So my question is if we use the device on rent then we dont have the full control of the device because its still the property of the service provider

But if we buy it then is it not legally the owners property ? If so then is it not illegal for the company to block the device to one service provider . Ex - Evdo devices , 3g devices

Should not we all think about this issue because it can solve our problem of buying new devices each time and should not we take some legal action for this .......


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AFAIK these devices mostly comes at subsidized rates from the service provider. If they block it to some specific service provider I do not think there is anything wrong in that.

e.g. iPhone and various other high-end handsets can be purchased from Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint etc. at $200 each which is actually very lesser that the cost of the device. They have another option open too. Pay them the difference and they will give you the unlock code which is fair.

Which service provider are you talking about specifically? BSNL?


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For i phone u have to sign a contract for some time . But for these devices there is no such term period . that mean is a user buys a device and wishes to discontinue the service after one month then how will you can say the company can get profit from them .

Not only BSNL also RELIANCE , TATA , MTS . all the service providers


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I don't know other private vendors procedures with regard to the EVDO and 3G cards, but speak about BSNL.. the data cards are at various specification in technology and chip type. For example BSNL ZTE modem are from Qualcomm chip, and I believe TATA INDICOM may also based on the same chip ,if they are same model version there is no difficulty to accept the modem brought by the customer,but BSNL officers avoiding to activate the customer purchased modem is mainly they are unfamiliar with particular type..
Also they don't want to activate unverified modem... because unlike mobile phones no IMSN are available for it.. peoples always lose their data cards and modem while traveling and difficult to trace .. However the Modem has ESN number which is in the inventory list of the ISP only..There is no objection from the BSNL, if your is same type of modem supplied by BSNL and you are bona-fide customer of your previous ISP and you have duly paid and closed your account..

In the case of 3 G cards "thus they who purchase datacards from BSNL, "The customer shall be given free data usage equivalent to the cost of the GSM Data Card which is Rs.3300/- spread over 12 months at the rate of Rs.275/- per month."

" Discounts in the monthly rental given(percentage varied from circle to circle"
The loss confine to free-bies announced as above..

In the final analyse there is no prohibition from BSNL to accept compatible datacard from other sources from activate it. It 'll be suicide to turn off the customer when the organisation on the falling free... the Official who you met in the exchange or CSR are typical ignorant persons, but you have to meet the higher up SDE and DE ,CRM etc..
But one condition, if you brought faulty card or incompatible with BSNL, and don't blame them they are not able to serve properly..

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