1. venom007

    Tipsterhosting Offer For ThinkDigit Member's

    Hi there! We are offering a special package for all ThinkDigit members. Here is its description 100 GB Disksapce 500 GB monthly Bandwidth Host unlimited domains Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Sub domains Unlimited MySQL database. Unlimited Parked Domains PHP 5 All features...
  2. Who

    Help Quiz_Master !

    Guys i don't know if should be making this thread but my buddy quiz_master wasn't chatting with me recently. So today when i asked why he wasn't replying if he was fed up with me, he told me that because of some incidents occur in his life he is unable to chat with me. I ask him the...
  3. V

    Skill Thread

    Now this thread is for those members who want to show their skill of playing to other members of this Forum...!!! Just use ZD soft game recorder, FRAPS, Game Cam, SnagIt and other software for recording and making video. After making video just convert that file into DivX format. It...
  4. S

    Hello everybody

    I am an undergrad. in CSE and a regular reader of Digit. Looking forward for kindness and help from all the senior members. Please feel free to advice me on posting rules(if any). Thank u.:)
  5. naveen_reloaded

    *** Best Thread Of This Year ***( Thru Voting )

    Post in Your favourite/most liked threads ... more the people posting the same thread will be finailsed and selected for Final Voting List ... From which users can vote and select thier best thread of this year... So post in your Entries Within Today Itself... CLOSING TIME FOR...
  6. din

    New Year Resolutions.

    I know 14 days are more to 2008. Still I think it worth posting the new year resolution ! First, looking back to 2007. I made my 'second coming' to Digit forum. Saw many new faces ..err avtars and got many new friends too. I saw teh tech-news section becoming very close to fight club and...
  7. skghosh44

    Congrates some of the forum Members !!!

    Today I got my copy of Digit Dec2007 issue. and I delighted when I see the following members name. Congratulation to the followng members of this forum whose Tricks & Tips published in the DIGIT DECEMBER 2007 SPL ISSIUE. 1. VISHAL GUPTA 2. GARY4GAR 3. kAL_21 4. Quiz_Master 5. Manshahia 6...
  8. naveen_reloaded

    Things you like about our forum members

    Things you like most about our forum members Wht is the best thing u like in this thinkdigit forum members?? it can be anything... wht is ur expierence here with them.. wht i like in them: 1.) they treat any computer related problem as the least impossible thing in this planet ;)...
  9. naveen_reloaded

    Hosting issue

    hi guys had my forum hosted for sometime in 110mb but now they have made MSQL for paid members only ... i cant affordx it .. is there anyother freehosting which is as good as this ??
  10. pritish_kul2

    Orkut pic

    How do i put an animated pic on orkut?? CAn i? like sm digit members have
  11. sabret00the

    Official Kolkata 2nd G2G Thread

    This is the official Kolkata Digit members 2nd Get2Gether Thread.As of right now the next G2G is proposed on the 2nd of September,2007. gauravakaasid is the Single Point of Contact(SPOC) for the meet any member can p.m. him or me for any queries. Rules of the Meet:- 1)Prior to meet interested...
  12. Gigacore

    Digit Chat Room

    Awe, i would like to stop the need of sending too many PM for a regular and for some silly discussions. This is a thread to discuss random topics. And not for ur confidential PM :D please make use of this thread and chat with members here. dont forget to mention the member name before you...
  13. T

    Data conversion jobs

    Hi friends, I am looking for some data conversion jobs to earn my pocket money as i am doing with my studies, but i had very horrible experience working on this field, as service providers are generally frauds who ask for an amount of rs 3000-6000 as non refundable registration charge, and i...
  14. techbliss

    how to terminate thinkdigit forum account

    I want to terminate my Id from this forum, is there any way I can delete the Id from the forum members list.
  15. Gigacore

    Wow, what a forum!

    What a forum is this.......? I've a screenshot of that forums's todays birthday.... Have a cleen look members celebrating birthday is from age from 18 to 87 :D

    Welcome Thread - If you're new introduce yourself here!

    Welcome all new Members! Post here to introduce yourself and the members will do their best to welcome you to the Board:)
  17. saurabh kakkar

    Is it necessary to join merawindows to become MVP ?

    hi i am bit confused though i have joined merawindows but i cant devote my time on that forum due to time constraints and because i love Digit forum most also most of the members in merawindows r also the members of digit as well . so my Q : Is it necessary to join...
  18. blackpearl

    Relationship between Admins, Mods and Members

    This is why admins are for in a forum :))
  19. R

    Please review my

    Hi guys.I have recently set up a new site and I want you all to reviewit.My site's address is I welcome all the members of digit to my site.Please give your comments and suggestions.
  20. saurabh kakkar

    how to know i.p of any forum member

    hi i know that i.p of forum members can be traced( by other members ) but i dont know how . plz enlighten my knowlegde in this respect .
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