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I am currently in my 2nd year of B.Tech in Computer Science from Amity University, Noida. Thanks to digit, I gathered some basic skills on Linux after which I wondered whether I could convert these into a certificate or not.
A superficial search on the internet revealed that there are 4 certifications that one can go for in this field, namely, Red Hat, Novel, LP1 and one more that I don't remember as it clearly stated 6 months working experience necessary for appearing in it.
Upon asking for a bit of counseling from my faculty members I got a mixed response:-few said "You should surely go for them", and few said :-"its not required at this stage.

I need to know whether this would be beneficial for me or it would just work as a glittering star on my resume.
Is spending a fortune (thats what the course fee seems to me) judicial on them at this stage?
Please guide me through :)


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Yes ofcourse it is good to certifiactions for future job purpose, networking jobs like linux admins are always show the way for you, but one thing here articles collected from our digit doesn't help to be certified, so you should go for some more exam guides and dumps, if you wanna settle in networking jobs, better do a certification, if not it doesn't worth, if you showing interest in networking domain, pls take right choices windows or linux.........
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