1. victor_rambo

    Why I am leaving

    Well, I just came back to tell you guys why I am leaving the forum. Because I am tired of begging for improvements. In the past week, we all have seen so many threads complaining about the ways things are going on in the forum. Some useful features are disabled suddenly without any purpose. Or...
  2. Sathish

    Most users ever online was 1184 on 5.1.09 @ 9:35 AM.. Is it happened..??

    I recently see the following words on the form home section.. "Most users ever online was 1184, 05-01-2009 at 09:35 AM." is it possible of 1184 members in online in a particular time. can somebody plz explain about this..?
  3. Ecstasy

    What's your in game name? (Urban Terror)

    Hey UTR players, Just post your in game name so that members can recognize each other. I will start with mine. [DF]VipER. And other members 'in game name' are mentioned below - cyborg47- cyborg47 gagandeep- -DF|mafia- <new name> Bullet500 <old name> Plasma_snake-...
  4. P

    Why Don't Digit forum implement Google Adsense revenue sharing for members?

    Friends What do you think that digit forum can implement adsense revenue sharing so that all members who had adsense accounts can get some money from google. What do you think about that.?
  5. A

    FS: Seagate 160GB PATA

    Hi, I'm going to upgrade to a larger HDD. So selling this one which was mainly used to store my music and photos. No bad sector at all. Warranty till May, 2012. Asking price Rs.1500 + shipping at actual. Sorry for the crappy pics - taken with...
  6. Most Wanted

    A little Q.

    Hi friends, please tell me how to make a link in my thread here, in which link should be hide behind some text. As other members make. Tell me quickly please
  7. furious_gamer

    Nominate a member

    Hi friends, I see a lot of the forum members here,help to newbies and for all. This is an awesome forum with awesome members who always try to help others. Why i start this thread is, each and everyone wants to thanks some members for helping us. This is the thread to thank for them, and...
  8. V

    Rapidshare accounts

    I am a bulk dealer of rapidshare premium accounts with 1 month validity. Any one who is involved in sale/purchase of accounts please contact me at yahoo mssngr id: master17hoods. Also let me know all TD members where should i look for the market to get maximum out of these accounts. I am...
  9. windchimes

    Can we guys make this happen..??

    A bit crazy: Our forum, as of now, has 48,970 members and 2,350 Active Members Most users ever online was 849, 01-07-2007 at 12:43 AM. Can we all fix a time and change this record of max users ever online to a higher no..the maximum possble?? Wont that be a record considering the % of...
  10. Sathish

    Who are you..

    Hi digitians.. this poll is one my oldest dream to find out the digit readers/forum members by their age.. So please spend a second to help me to find my long time awaiting ino I think, it will be useful for forum members as well as moderator. please poll who are you..!!!!!!!!!
  11. S

    How to Recover Missing Space from USB Drive

    Hi Members, I have a 1GB ThumbDrive USB Storage from Trek. It had some built in password protection/encryption software(ThumbDrive 2 Smart Login). It happened that I forgot the password. In order to access the drive I deleted the encryption software and formated the drive. After this, the drive...
  12. S

    Help (Related to vBulletin Email Function)

    Any one know ? How to Send Notice Email to All Mine Forum members in The vBulletin Forum...? Is that required any mods or what...
  13. sabret00the

    Should there be a title called "Preferred Members"?

    Hi all I'am not sure if this question came up earlier or not but nevertheless I'll ask it anyway. I was thinking that there are lots of members in Thinkdigit who are not only active in the forum for a long time but they also continue contribute a lot to the forum which makes Digit seperate from...
  14. Maverick340

    The thread: Collaborating Digit Tweets

    Okay, i had this idea of collaborating all tweets posted by digit members under one place. Simplest way to do is is to use hastags and use the #thinkdigit tag. I know the idea sounds unimpressive and dull, but hey - just a thought. p.s : i thought i put this up in the irc channel , but i...
  15. IT Idiot

    Win v/s Lin v/s Mac

    This is a poll to see the major OS used by members here.
  16. S

    Today I have Purchased Vbulletin License...:)

    Soon Will start mine forum..Just I want to share mine happiness with digit members... Users please write ur reviews abt mine purchasing... is mine purchased is good ?? or worth
  17. F

    Mine Free VBulletin Skins

    This is An request to Confirm from Admin & mods Dread Digit, I am latron I Make Useful,VBulletin Skins Which are Free & have no Copyrights... I Want to Share Mine All Skins to All members present here... Whould You Allow Me To put Mine Made vBulletin Skins ??? please ..
  18. B

    Q9300 available in India?

    Guys do anybody know is Q9300 & other members of its family are available in India or not , if yes than what it there price?
  19. T

    Jaxtr Allows Free SMS to 38 Countries

    [UPDATED]:Jaxtr's Free SMS(to 38 Countries)service over UPDATE:Now you get only a link to jaxtr's wap site which you need to open to read the recieved message, unlike earlier when you received the message on your phone. So the service isn't fully free as the receiver has to pay GPRS access...
  20. Maverick340

    Animation Schools in Mumbai

    I plan to go aborad to study animation by next summer. However since the talent level and competetion is good there I'd like to be prepared beofore leaving. I completed 12th last year and have been doing 3D animation from an institute in delhi. The insitute frankly sucks (poor teaching...
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