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What is a new invitation-only website (the official launch date is October 15), that allows users to gain free

stuff just by logging in. Lockerz has been super popular within the Internet community and has been mentioned across

the news as well. Lockerz's surge in popularity is due to the fact that users can gain points extremely easily.

These points (or PTZ as they are referred to in Lockerz) are then traded for electronics (ie. Macbooks, iPods,

Gaming consoles (PS3, Wii, Xbox360), Video games), Designer Handbags, snowboards, and even a private live concert.

How Exactly Does Lockerz Work?
There are 3 ways that members can gain PTZ:
1. When members sign in (Yes! You get points just for signing in!),
2. When members respond to the daily question of the day (which only takes about 5 seconds to do). 3. When members

put out invitations for friends to join.

Can be trusted

The CEO of is none other than Kathy Savitt. Formerly the vice president of and Chief Marketing

Officer of American Eagle. Its main sponsor is Liberty Media, a huge US media company that has shares in Time Warner

Inc. You may wonder, as a new member, is it really that easy to get PTZ at The answer is, YES it is! A

new member can gain ~30 PTZ through registration, 2 PTZ for signing in, and another 2 more PTZ for answering the

question of the day. This means that in just under 5 minutes, that new member already has 34 PTZ! Just to put the

PTZ in perspective, one can get a brand new Ipod Case for only 40 PTZ!!! Unfortunately, the only way to become a

member in Lockerz is to get invited.

You CanGet Prize Like Xbox360, PS3 , Macbook , ipod touch , PSP, PSP GO and many more electronics products



Mumbai guy won




if anyone invitation just pm me...
i will invite you

dont give ur yahoomail id bcoz mail goes to spam folder according to lockerz, you can give any other mail id except yahoo

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hello everyone...
Thanks soyab0007's for sharing Lockerz invitations with TDF members....I too have some invitations left.. ppl you can PM me too.

Rituraj Singh Rawat

Hey soyab0007 !! check your pm ! please send me invitation for lockerz !!!


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if anyone has question regarding lockerz reply here

Hi, I have a question regarding prize redemption....
Currently I have 154 ptz,
I want to ask if prize redemption is like purchasing anything with money? I mean- is the prize guaranteed?
Or is it more like a lucky draw?

And how the prize(s) are redeemed..........since there are lots of members and stock is limited :-|


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if u redeem for prize u will definitely get ur prize but for redemptionu u have to wait for announcement from lockerz

Rituraj Singh Rawat

PM to me too !!! HAve 3 accounts on lockerz !!!! lol !

Please share your techniques to get more PTZ please !!

Thanks again sam_1710...

Rituraj Singh Rawat

CHA CHING !!!!!!

its at the right place !!!

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CHA CHING! You've earned 2 PTZ


I have Yolks not Brains!
All I want is an New iPod Touch 8GB for 325 PTZ . SO if I keep collection 4 pts/day, then in 82 days I will have enough points.After that , if I reddem tht points, then is it 100% sure that i will get tht iPod. Plus, do i need of hv paypal stuff or not?
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