1. ajaybc

    Genuine money earning program

    Thanks, but no thanks. Member miserabled for 1 Week.
  2. Quiz_Master

    BW Torrent Open...

    I was in need of some song so I asked a famous digit member of here to suggest a site. He suggested BWTorrents..but i needed an Invite... But later when I was searching google.I found a BW torrent thread. And when I clicked it, voila..I was able to see the thread and download the torrent file...
  3. pritish_kul2

    New Member

    New member called Raaaaaaabo has joined digit. and u know what he has kept all his profile details like the admin Raaabo
  4. saurabh kakkar

    u r member of which other forum ?

    oks all the geeks out there let other member know which other forums u have joined . means let all of know u r member of which other forum and Y .
  5. freebird

    Linux desktop text search engine revs up

    Apr. 30, 2007 The Recoll project team on April 26 announced the release of version 1.8.1 of its free, open-source, full text search tool for Linux desktops. Recoll is based on the "very strong" Xapian backend, which provides an easy-to-use, feature-rich, QT-based graphical...
  6. pritish_kul2

    two accounts

    can a member have two accounts of this forum?
  7. gary4gar

    Desi-tek forum hacked!

    Desi-tek forum hacked! has beed hacked. it was a forum of ur member in this forum named "desi-tek"
  8. Vishal Gupta

    MERAOFFICE: Another forums from Merawindows

    Hey guys! I just got a good news :D Merawindows ppl launched another site * The interface is too cool, just like Windows Vista ;) The news which I got is that, they r planning to send free Office 2007 DVD and many other DVDs free to registered members, just like...
  9. faraaz

    Is anyone here a member at this website?? If so, I'd really appreciate it if someone could send me an invite!!!! Faraaz
  10. rohanbee

    which is better wireless or wired?

    I was just planning to go wireless on my broadband connection but then a fellow member suggested that a wired connection might be better......... Give me your comments guys. Would really appreciate.......
  11. ::.BLOOD!GOD.::

    how to ruin ones website

    hi friends! this is my very first post i just want to know how can i ruin or disturb one's site. you may find this question very puzzling actually what happen was i was a member of a site but suddenly that site became very popular and they start asking for donation and kicked me out as i was a...
  12. K

    I wnat to be a Orkut member buthow can I?

    I wnat to be a Orkut member buthow can I? pls invite me if any one has Orkut A/C. Thanks in adv.
  13. Georgy_Can

    Check What Playstation Sent me (GAP members)

    Hey guys, As u know (may be not,read my sig) I am the G.A.P member @ so atlast I recieved some hard proof for that. For more info about GAP read this: * Actually few days back I recieved a mail...
  14. zero

    Ghost Terminals in Workgroup

    Sometimes in a workgroup setup a terminal keeps showing up even after the person has phisically disconnected from LAN... I wish to know what can I do such that it removes that member as soon as he is out or atleast removes when I want it to display only the exixting workgroup members.
  15. abhi_10_20

    Nfs Mw

    Its really getting hard to get bounty after beating the 6th blacklist member. Any tricks, please help.
  16. ionicsachin

    A question to senior members...

    Sirs... Note: Sorry if this question is repeated. I am a junior member and i just want to know how to get more reply power and become senior member.
  17. crazybutt

    beware of rainbowfc

    Hey, is anybody here a member or knows of a member of d cursed Rainbowfc forums.... i dl'ded a torrent from it and now am being asked for 5 pounds :twisted: for d pass to d file!! its my first torrent so dont wanna waste doods also be aware of all torrents attached wid...
  18. I

    Digit Forums Help

    hi, i received a pm from a member in this forum, and i clicked on the title to open it(im using opera 8.5) i just got a blank page with the top part of the forum(with the faq,search etc) and the bottom part(powered by phpbb) . i tried it in internet exploder and it did not work too...can...
  19. U

    Required help in setting up database for webportal

    I have 2 issues, hope forum helps me in resolving it.... 1. For a academic project assignment, I plan to create a webportal, wherein our classmates can create a their usr id and pwd & login in member area, which enables to them to enter thier profile & also enables them to update it later...
  20. A


    Hi! :P This is Ayush. I am new member of digit forum. As you can understand, this is new to me! 8) I'll like everyone reading this message to reply me soon and get me introduced to the forum. I'll be available to help all of you in every way as possible. Bye :!:
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