1. F

    Hello Everyone: A New Member is Here

    Hi Friends, I am new member of this forum, Today I have joined it. So first of all I want to say hello to every senior members here.
  2. R

    Want to buy Alienware 17 laptop from market thread, but can't post being a new member

    Want to buy Alienware 17 laptop from market thread, but can't post being a new member. So help me guys!
  3. gagan_kumar

    What IMAGE you have of other TDF members....

    To all TDF members this thread as the title suggests is about what kind of image you have of other TDF member...... Basically everyone forms an image of other members in their mind when interacting with them in the forum... for e.g many members think nandcob is a girl Even i have an image for...
  4. U

    [For Sale] Skype Credit $10, $25, $50

    Skype Credit $10, $25, $50 20% off! I have skype credit coupons to sell. Following are the qty. of each Coupons will be emailed as soon as payment is received in full or es-crowed to a trusted member. Interested ppl please PM. Will dispatch coupon only after payment or if some credible member...
  5. zacfx05

    can somebody help me contact member dan4u

    Hello Friends, I m looking for any contact details of member dan4u from Kerala Ernakulam he is a friend of mine of course through Thinkdigit, i lost his contact number so please anybody knowing him or having his contact number or Facebook please pm me . I believe somebody will have his contact...
  6. Nipun

    Happy Birthday Jassi!

    Happy Birthday to our great forum member, Jaskanwar!! :-D
  7. Nanducob

    Most helpful member in the forum

    Hi, Tell me Who isthe most helpful member in the forum? Thanks:)
  8. P


    Hello everyone..I am pragya newbie here...Glad to become member of this forum...
  9. TechnoHolic

    Help on C

    Someone please rectify this project. Problem: On member list. Please Help...:cry:
  10. G

    Shocked : While Testing "", Requested Member Remarks

    First With Broadband Connection, I Configured my Id : and tested in Office, Found IP Address : After 4 hours, using 3gb Modem tried to access, got connected to a different user how is enable Port Forwarding and "May" a user of no-ip, with my new ip...
  11. P

    Alan Zavacky New member here from United States

    Hi everyone, just to introduce myself my name is Alan Zavacky and I hope to join in as a productive member of the community A bit about myself and my marketing background, I'm an Affiliate Manager in the sports betting industry for the WBX Affiliate Program. All Thanks: Alan Zavacky
  12. A

    New member: introduction.

    Hello everybody, I am a new member to the forum site. I hope to have a nice time with the community.
  13. K

    Introduction New Member Here !!

    Hi everyone, Meet me, I am a new member introduce to this community. I have more interest in Kenny Dalglish . I am very much excited to take part of discussion. Hope if anybody friends are suggest me and cooperate about this topics. thank you to accepting me as a member of to this community...
  14. Sujeet

    Thinkdigit Forum Ads!!!!

    Advertisements (be an active member to get rid of them) Use Chrome Adblock from Chrome WEBSTORE( FOR NOT so active users!!!)...
  15. ajayritik

    Print internet text after converting it from English to some other language

    There is some content over the internet in English which I would want to be translated to one of the Indian languages so that I can take a print which can be read by family member. Can someone help me on this.
  16. ajayritik

    What to chose between SE NEO V, i9001 or SGSII?

    Hi guys, Need help in buying phone. Following are the main features required in the order 1. Video Playback(preferably HD) 2. Good for listening songs 3. Good Camera. I'm planning to gift it to one of my family member. Hence will not consider things like rooting etc. Ideally want to go for...
  17. Akshay

    Online database

    I am looking to build an online database for my group which will have details of each member. Every member will have to fill in his own details. My requirements: 1.This will be an online thing where a member should be able to add/update/modify only his details. 2. Any member should be...
  18. N


    i want to learn c and java help me out plzz as soon as possible plz and also i m a new member of this site
  19. pepsodent

    ASUS 1201T 12.1" Laptop with Windows 7 (under warranty)

    advance received from member of another forum. plz close this thread.
  20. Kniwor

    List of fraudulent members

    We will try to compile a list of fraudulent members that one should be aware of while dealing on digit. Members that have been known to cheat in the past. Please post here with proper references if you've been cheated and one of the mods will add it to the list if you have a cogent case...
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