1. P

    (Help)Play Movies in Your Pendrive using PS2

    HI guys recently i have come across a software called argon which allows you to use your play station device to use pendrive as a storage medium . You can then store your movies picture songs in your pendrive and watch content of it using ps2. Has any 1 from Frend member tried it. I would be...
  2. Ponmayilal

    I'm now in Team-BHP too.........

    Hi friends, I am now an active member of Team-BHP forum too. Have a look at my intro there, here . I am curious to know whether anybody else here, is a member there too.
  3. pritish_kul2

    ne1 notticed it

    the list of active member gone......
  4. alexanderthegreat

    Any online chess players here?

    I recently joined and Tried searching for some TDF members... found none. Is anyone from Digit forum also a member of the abovesaid websites? If yes, lets play chess... here's my id: creepyghost.
  5. D

    What kind of a forum is this?

    A thread of mine just got deleted. No explanations. And the respondent was the one who was rude - not I. But he is I guess 'a senior member'. Oh well that's how it works in this country I guess - this post will soon get deleted as well.
  6. furious_gamer

    Nominate a member

    Hi friends, I see a lot of the forum members here,help to newbies and for all. This is an awesome forum with awesome members who always try to help others. Why i start this thread is, each and everyone wants to thanks some members for helping us. This is the thread to thank for them, and...
  7. cooldip10

    Mother board slection..

    Somebody posted a good suggestion about a mother which i am unable to recall now.. It was something like nVidia 750i or so.. I searched the threads but in vain.. The member also posted the mobo pics with a Intel quad core processor... Plz help me find it.
  8. sabret00the

    Should there be a title called "Preferred Members"?

    Hi all I'am not sure if this question came up earlier or not but nevertheless I'll ask it anyway. I was thinking that there are lots of members in Thinkdigit who are not only active in the forum for a long time but they also continue contribute a lot to the forum which makes Digit seperate from...
  9. confused!!


    I am professionally a Games tester..Currently i am testing a very scary game:mad::mad:my problem is that I have been getting nightmares about the game:(:(.The reason i think is not because the game is so scary but i think the work pressure is getting to my head..I m the best performing member of...
  10. A

    Rapidshare Download Help

    I have recently downloaded 16 files from rapidshare......That was in .rar format ,but I can not extract it with winRAR..... Is there any problem with my download? Please tell me how to download from rapidshare....I am not a member....
  11. hjpotter92

    Check the forums

    I have my own forums which are hosted by visit the forums and tell me about it. The link is this one: * If you do trust someone on the forums than please look there and if possible be a member.
  12. S

    friends please help(bw torrent invite)

    hi friends, i interested to become a member of bwtorrent , please any friends having bw invite sent me to this mail ~snipped~ please friends help me.
  13. jxcess2

    Who's the oldest member (by age) here?

    Who's the oldest member here? Just curious.
  14. K

    Pls help me some body has hacked my yahoo password

    friends i am in deep trouble some one has hacked my yahoo password which is to be my official id and this is the id i used for my job and blood guy a member of thinkdigit has hacked my password how do i get back pls tell me its very urgent
  15. H

    Most "Off The Hook" Windows Vista Promo

    I think every member should watch this promo.
  16. iMav

    kudos to fellow member anandk

    most of us know our fellow member anandk and his website which courted a lot of controversy at this forum well just to highlight winvista club's email interaction with MS regarding WIndows 7 is now doing rounds on major tech sites includin the inquirer; engadget & gizmodo...
  17. utsav

    Trade from Bazaar Section Gone Bad

    i started a thread in the bazaar section wanting to buy a AGP card.many people contacted me and i bought a 6600GT AGP card from a member here. The card did not ran on my pc,not even in any pc i checked.i spent over 300Rs as fuel expenses to roam about in every computer shop in my city to...
  18. R

    Hello to all

    Hello, Hello to all member of this forum. I am new to this forum , Myself Rosey Mack. I liked your forum. Rosey, Onlygowns
  19. V

    Sticky and Rep

    Hi Friends, How can I make a sitcky post as I am unable to get it in New Thread Section...????:confused: :confused: And how can I rep a member...????:confused: :confused: Where is the icon for giving rep. Please reply.:confused: :confused:
  20. entrana

    Digit forum bug?

    hey guys something strange happened, in my custom user title i wrote" a digit forum member" and it displayed " a ***** forum member" mods any idea?
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