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A question to senior members...

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Note: Sorry if this question is repeated.

I am a junior member and i just want to know how to get more reply power and become senior member.


First, u are not a Junior Member anymore, as soon as u post ur 30th post u became Member. And will become Senior Member when ur post will touch 100th post (I think so).

And, there is nothing like Reply Power, thats Repu Power which u will get by other members if ur posting will be found valuable for others and forum as well.

And last thing is that:
:eek: :eek: Please always search for thread before posting a new one...!!!!


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well dude
The member status is purely based on the number of posts you make.
Now dont go on a posting spree, start some intresting threads & participate in discussions.


One more very important thing that I guess my friends missed... Never spam just to increase your post count. Sooner or later every one will know your value in the forum if you really post good stuff...


Ambassador of Buzz
I've observed one thing though.

The Reputation points also depend on your post count, unless someone else has contributed to it.

For example, my range of posts comes into 300s, so i have 4 reputation points.

Go4saket above has 5 since he has 400+posts.
The extra point is because you have the liberty here to add a point to your own account once & we dont waste that opportunity..:D

We've been around for a long time now, and this forum really rewards you for some good contribution(not sure about now though:rolleyes: )

Even if you dont get some high position, the satisfaction of solving other's problems is enough;)



In the zone
first thing is never worry about the status ..it will come itself
ur 1000 post may be useless but other 15 post may be useful so it doesnt matter
after all u are not going get any salary according to ur status


The Researcher
I have never wondered about senior or junior. This is a discussion board and joining discussion and contributing to the knowledge of others are more important.


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And after the hundredth post, there is no incentive to look forward to in terms of status anyway. You will remain a 'Senior Member' forever (unless you are made a mod).
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