1. R

    Graphic card under 7000

    Hey Guys, I want to buy a graphic card under the price range of 7000.. Please tell me which will be the best card under this range .. the budget can stretch upto maximum 8000..
  2. khmadhu

    maximum display for 15k price..?

    Hi, I am looking for a LCD monitor(with LED backlit if possible) within 15k budget. so I want the maximum display that is possible in this budget, but Min 24 '' Display. Requirements: 1 HDMI (must) , Full HD, DVI or VGA. IPS (if possible). purpose: Basically for viewing HD DTH. planning...
  3. abhijit_reddevil

    Which HD DTH service to choose?

    Hello friends, I am back after a long time to Kolkata after completing my onsite assignment in USA. I need your help and suggestions as usual. I have a 32" LG LCD capable of handling HD telecast (HD ready). Now every DTH service provider is advertising HD telecast. I am confused with which...
  4. Renny

    DDR RAM query

    I have an old MSI K8MM-V mobo(Socket 754 AMD), I already have 1GB DDR RAM stick, I need to use some additional amount of RAM, SIS(System information software) says the maximum capacity of my mobo is 4GB, but the MSI site says 2GB, So whats the actual capacity of my mobo? According to...
  5. vamsi_krishna

    DVI- HDMI help, DVI-VGA issues.

    I have HD 4890, which came with a DVI-HDMI adapter, but sadly, it is not working. Can some one please forward me to a store which sells this adapter? And I have another query. I am now using DVI-VGA converter connecting rig to my HDTV. But the problem is, the maximum resolution I am able to...
  6. M

    Best netbook in india under 22K?

    Best netbook in india under 22K? Hi guys I want to buy a netbook under 22k INR My requirements are 1.I want to do programming in IDEs like Netbeans,Visual studio 2. Watch movies which are not HD(700mb movies) 3. Maximum backup power 4. I dont care about windows(I like linux) Please...
  7. M

    Best phone under 25000?

    Dear friends, I love phone and technology like any other person in the world.I want to buy a mobile phone for my personal use,I am a student and i would like to read pdf text books on the mobile phones. My preferances are Budget 25000 OS Any Os but if it android it is better Brand ...
  8. V

    Maximum number of hard disk partitions reached

    i have a seagate 1tb hard disk, when i bought it, i created 5 partitions on it. but yesterday when i installed ubuntu linux on the system, it merged all those partitions into one, so i tried to format it again(with xp) but this time i was just able to create only two partitions...
  9. S

    Maximum RAM support

    Hi guys. wanted to know maximum RAM i can put in my laptop - dv5-1006- ax (HP). currently, there's (2+1) GB in the lappy. Can i possibly put in (4+4) GB. My OS is 64bit Windows 7. :-o Thanks in advance.
  10. vamsi_krishna

    Freeware wishlist....

    I started this thread.. who wants to know whether there is any freeware that suffice one's need. My Wish List... 1. Comprehensive RAR,ZIP and other Archive repair program...(In my computer, WinRAR only repairs some files) 2. Data Recovery Tool 3. DVD player with maximum tweakability...
  11. Nuxer

    Suggest a Laptop

    Please suggest a good AMD Laptop for me. Budget maximum 30K.
  12. nishantv2003

    Maximum Available Capacity of RAM???

    hello everyone, i wanted to know that, waht is the maximum available cpacity(memory) of RAM... i mean, not like 2 x 2gb = 4gb but, 1 x ?gb = ?gb or in other words, 'maximum available cpacity in a single module/slot. plz do tell me for desktop as well as laptop... thank u :)
  13. rhitwick

    Help me tune my uTorrent configuration

    Hi guys, I know there are a lot of tutorials here on tuning it, but I wanted a solution only for my bandwidth. @krazzy, ya I know u've posted a very good tutorial but, again, I need a bit specific guidlines:smile: My speed: 1Mbps So equivalent d/l speed= 1024/8=128KBps My existing uTorrent...
  14. ionicsachin

    Purchasing a new LCD monitor

    Hiii friends, I m planning to go for an LCD monitor, really want to give up this old dabba-monitor now. My budget is 10k-12k and i m looking for maximum size with Full HD support if possible. Please suggest a few models.
  15. pavarathy

    How to host a site....?

    Hi Friends, I urgently requires your help. I want to know how to host a site... Actually I have to make a small site, which should have some kind of online booking... [No need of anything like credit card transaction and all....It is just some information collection]. So it should have some...
  16. D

    Need A printer + Scanner

    i need an all in one printer & scanner(actually i only need the printer & the Scanner, nothing else).my main purpose will be to print A4 documents for project work.the budget is 6000/-rs maximum & can't be inkjet will do. please suggest me some models. thank you.
  17. soyab0007

    Internet Connection

    I am looking for an internet connection can anyone tell me which connection should i prefer for better service as well as cheap. Speed should be maximum 256 kbps and unlimited download.I am staying at mumbai
  18. M

    Any One using BSNL Home 500 C or 500 C+ Plan??? - Help Needed

    Hey me from Bhopal, going to kill these Airtel guys shortly. I am thinking of switching from Airtel to BSNL. If anyone right here is using Home 500 C or 500 C+ Plan than please answer the queries: 1. What is the Minimum as well as Maximum Download Speed you get at night from 2 A.M. to 8 A.M? I...
  19. He28

    Mainboard & HDD.

    Hi all. Please help me to find out which motherboard I am using. Is there any way or utility to find out which mainboard I am using in my Acer macine? Its a second hand PC and I have no manuals/information about hardware. All I know is, it has P4 3.06 GHz with 512 MB RAM. 120GB SATA HDD. I wish...
  20. IronManForever

    A Digital Camera for around 10k...

    Guys suggest me a digital camera for around 10K. can strech the budget by maximum 2k. :neutral:
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