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    hi,i have also bought a htc p3400i recently but i dont have its drivers to connect it to the pc. so please if you can help wit the drivers and any other useful stuff for the phone. my mail id is ''.
    IronMan,i too had the same fear,to clarify ur doubt,the guy at SP Road(the elctronics rd of bangalore)when asked told that removing stickers just for ram upgrade won't make the warranty void and i looked on he put the ram disk and replaced the cover.viola!the stickers were perfectly intact.he said it was the part of their job!but anyhow i have found that company people least bother abt the sticker coz many-er times the stickers get worn out even in regular use..
    eh.... mero yahoo id
    plz add me... ma raati maatrai net chalauchhu kina ki maile night surfing connection liyeko hoon
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