1. H

    Electric Shaver

    Please Suggest Best electric shaver for stubble. Maximum Price Rs.3000/-
  2. mandarpalshikar

    UPS Suggestion

    Friends, Please go through my rig in the signature and suggest me a good UPS. I would be adding one more 23" LED monitor in a month or two. Cash to spare on this is maximum 10k. Even a 5 mins backup on full load while gaming would be sufficient for me to shut off the system.
  3. bad_till_bones

    Android based GSM + CDMA set

    Hi Friends, Please suggest me an Android based GSM + CDMA handset. Budget maximum - 10k. Thanks.
  4. D

    Suggestions for the "QUIETEST" PSU

    Dear Sir, I wish to purchase a PSU for my system. With the help of PSU finder was able to find PSUs in the range of 500-650 W. I was unable to determine which one was best for me. I want the "QUIETEST" PSU for my PC. Please note:- 1) I never overclock my system and always run all components...
  5. Hrishi

    DAFAQ News [Nuclear Safety]

    I was going through TOI today and came across this newpost. And It was like DAFAQ. Its about the maximum fine that the nuclear plant has to pay in case of any nuclear tragedy. THe amount is quite unbelievable. Just 500Rs.!!! So in case of any unfortunate man-made nuclear disaster like...
  6. Y


    hey guys i want to know which is the best motherboard n cpu config for a maximum budget of 22k. and is it really necessary to overclock? what r uses of overclocking in Games? i will be buying either 7850 or 7870 seperately.if there isnt any use for overclocking in games then i wont need it...
  7. ajai5777

    Anyone playing FIFA 12 head to head seasons? ?

    what is your highest division in head to head seasons? The maximum I could get was division 3 but now in division 4.
  8. RiGOD

    Suggest a TV @ 10-12k

    So my 20 year old BPL Emperor 25" is almost dead. I need to buy a new one around 10k, 12k is the maximum. Kindly suggest the best one at this price range.
  9. M

    [Want to Buy] need a quad with a compatible mobo & ram

    i can pay a maximum of 5.2k
  10. S

    Support for 1600mhz ram by phenom ii x4 965be

    I came across this on amd's site which says that the maximum supported memory by the 965 BE is 1333 but many of the suggest the processor working with 1666 modules:!:Would that be harmful?
  11. A

    Suggestion on laptop config

    Hey guys & gals.. need u'r suggestions on the lappy i've decided 2 purchase. model and config r :- Aspire AS5755G-2414G75Mnks ( LX.RPZ02.042 ) -Intel Core i5 (i5 - 2410M, 2.30 GHz, 3 MB) - 39.6 cm (15.6") LED - 16:9 WXGA - Active Matrix TFT Colour LCD - CineCrystal - nVIDIA GeForce GT...
  12. K

    is 1GB usage with 3G generally enough ?

    I currently am on 2G unlimited internet service with Vodafone. I am planning to upgrade to 3G I was wondering if a plan with a maximum usage of 1 GB wud be enuf for me. With normal surfing, but even a upload is deducted from your plan and some APPS that require Internet to be used and I have...
  13. zacfx05

    MB that supprots GEN3 tech that wont make abig hole in the pocket

    This is for guys who doesnt want many connection features like 14 usb ports on their motherboard, and want to buy a new MB now... but still like to buy something future proof without breaking a bank.... BIOSTAR TZ68K+ Maximum PC | Biostar: No Worries, Our 6 Series Mainboards Fully Support...
  14. K

    Imporoving the sound quality how?

    Hi Guys, When I listen to music through CD with windows media player version. 11.0.5721.5268, the sound is not good enough though I changed the settings to maximum level. Is there any way to increase the sound output to a high level?
  15. sukesh1090

    Phenom II 955 NB overclocking

    guys after googling i found that there won't be any performance increase in running RAM @1600MHz,i should also increase NB speed so guys what should be my NB speed to match with RAM's speed and what could be the maximum speed i can increase? Thank you. today i tried to increase the NB...
  16. clerkman1612

    program for finding maximum n minimum in javascript arrays?

    I want to know about a program which find itself the maximum and minimum numbers in data of arrays(JavaScript)?:unsure: I m using adobe dreamweaver. I m very confused. Plz tell me. take example var a = new Array a[0]=1 a[1]=2 a[2]=3 a[3]=4 a[4]=5 now here we have to find what is...
  17. I

    Required: High Speed Scanner

    Hi, I want to buy a scanner mainly to scan office documents and occasionally, photos. Can anybody please suggest me a good scanner for this (How about Canon?). My budget is maximum up to 6k to 7k. Thanks...
  18. S

    Good battery Phone

    Hi guys...i want a phone for my 2nd sim... i already owned Samsung galaxy. so now i want a cheap phone with very good battery life...prefereably a good brand.... but i dont want high value phone ....maximum 5k is budget.... qwerty keypad if possible..... please suggest.
  19. M

    need a suggestion

    i am planning to buy a new mobile budget is a maximum of 7000Rs. i will be often using internet.suggest me the best one with this budget......
  20. M

    50k Laptop : Need suggestions

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs.50,000+/- 5k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 15.6" 3) Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if India 4) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Any brand giving maximum vfm...
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