1. J

    Free webpage hosting

    Hi all, I want to host my free webpage......I want to know which host is providing maximum free space......with maximum bandwidth/month. Thanks
  2. mediator

    bits and bytes HELP PLZ!!!

    I need a little cleaning up of my bits n bytes confusion! Facts I know! 1. 1 byte (B) = 8 bits (b) 2 1KB = 1024 b Now I want to know what is the maximum memory space or frame size a 32 bit system would take ? I would appreciate a detail and clear explanantion! !
  3. john_the_ultimate

    maximum resolution...

    Is it safe to use monitor at its maximum supported resolution or keep it lower than it? Does using it at maximum limit do any harm to hardware? Using max limit put stress on graphic adapter, yes or no? And does constant resolution changes, like when normal use it is some value and during...
  4. V

    You gonna help me or not?

    Please help me friends! From where in Delhi I can buy the Apple iPod 20 GB Model & how much I have to pay for it? I created this thread 3 days ago and no one help me till now Everybody giving me the links to other sites no one telling the dealers address. You guys very disappointed me. Is...
  5. W


    Hi guys I am searching for a software which can be used for chatting over a LAN with provision for web cam. Voice and image streaming is a must. Help required urgently. I know, there are geeks sitting over there, who can give the answer strait away. My LAN is a small one...
  6. A

    Help: Asus Motherboar

    Hi, I have a Sempron 2800+ with ASUS A7V400-MX MoBo. What is the maximum Frequency of RAM that it supports? I currently use DDR 333 MHZ. Will the board and procesor support DDR 400? The FSB (maximum ) of the board manual is printed at 400 but the max ram is printed at PC 2700...
  7. expertno.1

    how can i know the maximum speed provided by my servic prov.

    how can i know the maximum speed provided by my service provider
  8. expertno.1

    what is the maximum speed on internet ?

    what is the maximum speed on internet ? and also what speed i will get if i use a cell phone to connect to the internet by using a data cable ?
  9. S

    What will be the maximum clock speed which I can set without

    I bought a sempron 2400+ processor, My motherboard is ASUS V400 MX. OS is Win XP 256 MB DDR , 400MHz It shows 1000 MHz clock speed in system properties, but it is specified to operate at 1667 MHz on its cover. The jumper settings in motherboard is default(100 MHz) What is the...
  10. J

    what is maximum distance for lan

    hey guys, i want to lan 2 computers. can someone plz tell me what maximum cable length is allowed. thanx in advance jigar
  11. KoRn

    selling my p4 pc

    hi guys i am planning to sell off my pc.the configurations are as follows:P4 1.61Ghz,128mb ram,win xp pro,20 gb hard drive space,hcl HCM580 15" monitor,4 button PS/2 compatiable hcl mouse.internet keyboard(HCL),HP deskjet 656c series and mercury MS-440 speakers.please tell me the minimum and...
  12. G

    Single 160 GB or 80 x 2 in RAID

    Hi. i am buying a new pc. now i require a little bit help from u guys. which setup of hard disk is better. a single 160gb sata or 2 80 gb sata hdds in a raid array. i want to squeeze the maximum performance out of my system. also are onboard raid controller sufficient for the purpose
  13. S

    Maximum capacity of Cds

    what exactly is the maximum capacity of a cd i am asking this coz i downloaded a couple of image file of about 778 mb and was wondering whether there were cds of capacity >than 700mb
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