1. R

    I need your help in selecting motherboard for file server

    Hello ! I need your help in selecting motherboard for file server. my situation is: i need to assemble a rack mount file server for one organization with 200-250 remote users (teleworkers) who constantly download/upload different type of traffic. This is my first experience in putting together...
  2. gohan89

    Is the LG Optimus 2x right for me?

    I want an Android phone.My budget is within 17,000. I dont text a lot. I will be watching lots of movies Hd if possible but occassionally. I like to play lots of games,ones with heavy graphics for 0.5 to 1 hour a day. I will be listening to lots of music through earphones. I will web browse...
  3. mitraark

    Cheapest Simple Scanner Kolkata

    Hello everyone , I am looking forward to buy a scanner , for scanning Class Notes and Books [ Lots and LOTS of them ] and making PDF's of them[ Now we use Mobile Camera for the purpose :( , not really efficient ] I want the cheapest , simple scanner available , no extra features needed ...
  4. T

    Symbian Anna Impressions Thread

    Hi Guys, Now that Symbian Anna is available widely , what are your impressions of the OS ? I think the split screen qwerty keyboard is quite good on my x7. Lots of overall improvements everywhere. I really like the phone even more with the update. How has your opinion been ?
  5. Worried From Bugs

    12 best addons for Opera

    Well, there are plenty of extensions available for opera browser, here I have collected a list of 12 best addons for opera browser. Youtube Downloader for Opera Google trasnalte for opera Gmail for opera orkut for opera image preview popup extension and lots more If you are opera user then...
  6. Who

    Three Things I Learned In Randa, Switzerland

    Hello guys last week i attended my first developer sprint in Randa, Switzerland and it was sponsored by KDE for the travels & accommodation, i have written a blog post based on my experience there that i would like to share with you all, Continued : Three Things I Learned In Randa « Who is who ?
  7. A

    Anything Like Optimus one in Sub 20K range

    HI All , I have been hearing lots about Lg optimus one , and seems like a champion Fone @ 10 K , What I want to know is Anything which is as Scoring as LG Optimus one in the Sub 20K range . I dont want Lg optimus one for Slow procesor , Want future Proofing , Dont intend buy...
  8. mohityadavx


    Which is the best OCR (need not be a freeware) 1)Abby Pro Fine Reader 2)Adobe Acrobat X Any other u know Would be used for converting lots of scientific data including chemical and trignometric equations.
  9. IronCruz

    T shirt Design

    Hello. I'm looking for a software or any site where i can design a t shirt for my college. I need features like lots of colours, add text etc...Please suggest me soon...
  10. Rahim

    Merry Christmas to TDF members

    Wish you all a a happy and safe X'Mas and lots and lots of fun :D
  11. varuog

    Cam Under 5k ?

    hii friends.. This is the first time I am going to purchase a digital camera. So I am very clueless and have no idea about what to look for ?? My budget is 4 - 5 k . please advice me a good camera. Also I've heard about lots of discount on cameras at futurebazaar.com. It's only for...
  12. karthikeyanju

    Need best configuration for performance pc

    I am planning to purchase a desktop in near future. my budget is max 50k. Mainly i am going to use the system for MATLAB programming. usually my programs runs for minimum 0.5 hrs and maximum 2 hrs (based on core2duo). So I need a processor with high performance (AMD or intel both ok)...
  13. yomanabhi

    Which mobile I should buy???

    Hey Team Digit (Agent 001) I am planing to buy mobile under 17000 Rs, But confused?? as there a lots of mobiles. Kindly advise me. Which is better HTC Wildfire or Nokia X6. If U have some suggestions other kindly give it too like sony, samsung blah blah..... I need wide screen, good sound...
  14. S

    NOkia 2690 or c2

    Hello all, I have to Buy a small Nokia phone for my SISTER.... Budget is less than 3k-4k. Want Phone for. 1. replacement Of her Mp3 player so 3.5 mm jack and Memory is Imp. 2. Lots of contacts and Phone memory 3. Lots and lots Of messaging memory (she gets 50-60 msg daily) 4...
  15. S

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MAEMO

    Android Vs BADA VS Symbain Vs MEEMO Hello all, i read many post here and was very confused about this OS Wars in Mobile markets. According to My view there is mostly 5 OS Hot In market 1. Android (really Hot) 2. Symbain 3. Windows Mobile 4. meemo 5. BADA All has...
  16. A

    partitions not detected.. help pls

    my system has a 500gb hdd. partitions > c,d,e,f,g... c and d are under 100gb where as the rest of the partitions are larger than 100 gb. os- xp sp2. now i messed up my os and reinstalled it. win xp sp2, however now i am not able to see the partitions e,f and g. Please help.... theres lots of...
  17. TheHumanBot

    I need Lots of suggestions about my blog

    all solved can be removed now.
  18. C

    Need to buy LCD monitor with 1920x1200 native resolution

    I recently upgraded my somewhat old system to XFX GTX260 and since then have been itching to upgrade my monitor as well ( current one is Samsung 17' LCD) to tap full benefits of the card. Did lots of fact finding and search and realized that it isn;t as easy to finalize the monitor with so many...
  19. S

    what do i do next? is my email misused?

    well i have an email addresss xyz@hotmail.com its password is up to me...and i dont think it has been compromised... though i have changed the password now... but from some days i have been receiving lots of mails.. saying remove me from mailing list the mail has...
  20. D

    Which mobile connection should i go for

    I want to buy a new mobile connection. i live in Karnataka. Which is the best one to buy with lots of free sms.
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