1. Yoda

    Suggestion needed for AIO PC (Gaming)

    Hi, I'm thinking of buying an All In One PC for casual gaming. - Intel 6th Gen Core i5 - 1 TB HDD - Discrete Graphics Card - 21 Inch LCD Monitor - 8 GB RAM Budget: 40K to 50K (max.) AIO PC looks compact and can save lots of space on a desk or getting an assembled PC a better...
  2. mikael_schiffer

    My USB HDD cannot be detected, but shows in Device Manager

    My HDD is Western Digital 1 TB My brother used the HDD in someone else computer, and thats when it stopped "functioning" Brining it back home, i put it in my PC. It cannot be detected by My Computer The LED Light is blinking, and i can feel the vibration of the HDD Here are the screen shots...
  3. Ricky

    Lots of HDD activity

    Hi, I have been lately facing this problem of overly active hard disk. I have two HDD is my computer, first is SSD with windows 8.1 installed on it and second is 1 TB for storage. Now thing is that it randomly starts showing lots of activity on second HDD and from resource Monitor I can see...
  4. Ricky

    Low power always ON storage / nas server for home

    Hi, in my home, there always 5-6 devices including phone and laptop using network (wifi), time time I have been situation where we need to transfer files from one device to another. Currently we use a desktop to server as storage. But I don't want to always go and turn on for even small file...
  5. A

    Webste Promotion

    Hi guys., I want to know tips and tricks of promoting my website so that I could get lots of business very easily.
  6. cute.bandar

    Chocolatey (apt-get for windows) is awesome!

    *chocolatey.org/ Basically it allows installing lots and lots of applications from the command line in one go! Really useful if you mess around with various libraries and tools Or if you format often or have to do lots of installs. Seriously I am loving this :D , makes windows soo...
  7. Skyh3ck

    [For Sale] Playstation 2 - Perfect working with Two controller and Lots of Games

    SOLD 1. *Model number and details : Playstation 2 2. *Date of purchase:I bought it from another guy, on the forum, but i dont have time to play 3. Reason for sale: need to buy a new wifi router 4. Warranty details: No warranty 5. *Expected Price:Rs. 2500 6. *Location of Seller:Mumbai 7...
  8. Chetan1991

    What's the best projector for ~20k

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a projector that can illuminate a small area (10 audience or so. It won't be dark either.) and display clear and crisp picture as it will be displaying Flash Professional whose GUI has lots of tiny icons and other elements. So, what models are available within Rs...
  9. Ricky

    Positive Experience Lots of things all positive

    I have purchased lots small gadgets those are generally hard to find and everything was in time and nicely delivered. Just sharing here as good work should be acknowledged.
  10. digit1191

    The Stanley Parable

    Has anyone tried this game yet? This game is really a total mindf*ck. (In a good away) I really enjoyed playing it. It is funny too :D Try it whenever you get a chance. And do tell me what all endings you got. I've got lots to talk about :D
  11. S

    phone under 15-18K!!

    Hi folks... Posting after a long time on the forum. I need your valuable advices! :oops: I want to buy a phone a good phone be it android, Windows, any other. personally I liked xolo q800 and xperia L... shoot your suggestions. i know lots of threads are there kinda same. But its good if you...
  12. T

    newbie want greeting

    Hello all, i am newbie here.Didnt found where to start my first post introducing myself.Just want to say hello to all members here.Hope lots of information i can get and share next !! thanks
  13. theserpent

    2 gB Usable out of 4 gb,can this be the reason of system slowing down"

    Hey there So from the past few days my computer has become slow. I deleted some malware via malware byte. Secondly,gta 4 had also become veryy laggy and sometimes it takes lots of time to even open task manger Today i checked the ram and it shows 4GB(2GB USABLE)
  14. B

    Need total show off cabinet

    My friend wants to show off between his group so he wants an cabinet to which he can add lots of lights(i will help him in this task), so please suggest something in 2-3k that has awesome looks+ lots of space to add new fans and led strips. Can he get usb 3 in it?
  15. D

    The WarZ. Anyone tried ?

    The WarZ. Anyone tried ? UPDATE: DON'T TRY Lots of buzz around WarZ, good or bad. seems cheaper than Dayz. Anyone tried?
  16. Moy

    Just for gathering knowledge....

    Few day back while surfing net I came across a motherboard which has 7 PCI slot, 8 RAM slot , 14(yes 14) SATA ports (4 SATA ports of the are of 3GB/s and rest 10 SATA ports are of 6GB/s). The model is ASRock x79 extreme11 [ ASRock > X79 Extreme11 ]. If someone connect 14 3TB HDD to the 14 SATA...
  17. Gtb93

    Getting a new connection, Pune.

    Requirements-Unlimited. Plans like 2mbps till x gb usage and then 512 thing, is also fine Area- Senapati Bapat road. Any help from localites would be great! Since we're three undergrads and don't really have lots of money to spend on this, a budget-centric plan would be great. Currently...
  18. J

    I need to buy an android smartphone under ~18k urgently

    Please suggest a smartphone under 18k range 1-2k increse is acceptable It must have a good battery life and I am a heavy gamer and will play lots and lots of high spec games And i am a heavy music fan and need i am looking at htc one v, xolo x900, xperia P or U But i would look at all...
  19. R

    [For Sale] Motorola Droid X

    Selling it on behalf of a friend. Fully working on Reliance. Has no scratches. Rooted and on a custom ROM. Lots of custom GB and ICS roms available Expected price: 9k
  20. N

    Please suggest me some software for this work

    Hello, In my office I have to maintain lots of written information. Lots of information under lots of head and title. At present I am organizing this stuff with Microsoft Word files separated under folder named after their head. This is working fine now. But as the flow of information...
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