1. MetalheadGautham

    Increase FPS in games with load minimisation!

    Many of you maybe gamers without good systems. Have you been worried with the usual FPS woes? Here is a simple tip you can do while playing games, atleast on linux and BSD systems, to make 'em run much better than expected. The GUI of the OS is one thing that takes lots of memory. The various...
  2. sam9s

    Rate the config above you.

    Lots of "rate the stuff above you thingi" Lets rate the config as well.....above you.... I rate myself at 6/10..........
  3. ECE0105

    How to Create a restricted account in Windows XP

    Hi, I've got lots of cousins whose kids, in the age of 7-14 yrs, like playing games, and I found that sometimes, they have accidentaly deleted a few files. I tried creating a limited account in Windows XP, but it limits usage of certain programs. Can you pls help me in creating an...
  4. abhijith44

    any ways to protect bsnl a/c's n pocketting bandwidths??

    Hi friends,, i am abhijith , i have applied for bsnl Broad band connection and shortly will be getting it... (this is 2nd time i am getting the same connection after 1 n half years..) But one thing worries me a lot is.. Password protection and bandwidth !! I have heard lots and lots about...
  5. K

    Saying hi to all here

    i have been a senior member on lots of forums i been into Reverse engineering, some fxp teams. But always felt the need of a indian forum with same people i had there this forum seems very big and also has lots of geeks :D it seems best place for me, id jus like to say hi to all you guyz...
  6. Batistabomb

    Which is the best game ever you think

    my best game is Tomb Raider2,the game which makes me irritate and gave lots of thinking to me
  7. george101

    Best Mp3 Player???

    i want to buy a mp3 player with atleast 1gb and superb battery backup... sound quality is also important... i prefer a small player.... plz help guys..... i am very confused with lots of brands of players available in the market now... which one shud i buy???????? hope to get a reply soooooooon
  8. Vishal Gupta

    AskVG.com - The Ultimate Place for all Windows Tutorials, Tweaks, Themes & lots more

    OK Guys The time has come to announce about my website: AskVG.com Yes. After getting lots of suggestions for "AskVG" domain, finally I got it. Thanks to "Choto Cheeta" (Saurav Basu) who purchased it without letting me know about it and surprised me. He is a very nice person. He helped me a...
  9. Orionz

    HELP! Playing Backuped PS2 Games!

    Hi guys i am going to Buy a New PS2. But at the last moment For only clear the doubts n get sone info on it, i search the net. On the lots of other forums there are lots of topics in which peoples are saying that they are not able to play backup copies of Ps2 games. this is the big SHOCK...
  10. T

    Core duo or C2D?

    For my new PC which will be better? Intel Dual Core 3.4 Ghz or C2D 2.13 GHz? Prices of both are around 8700. What will be a good motherboard for another 8000 with on board graphics (no OC required). no gaming, but will perform lots and lots of calculations with loads of data. thx
  11. azzu


    Yo ! after many troubles and LOTS OF PATIENCE YES NOT THIS LOTS OF PATIENCE i got mandriva 2007 running on my sys .Its cool N looks good. Yes some digitian said if all my windows games could be played on linux i could fully shift. Ok i have some problems 1: I don't have sound on my...
  12. Vishal Gupta

    Microsoft MVP Award is Waiting for You...

    Guys Its really a gr8 news for all of u. :D Do u want to become a MVP like me? Now getting Microsoft MVP award is not so hard. Each and every of you can get it. ;) Yesterday "MeraWindows" announced that they will be nominating top contributors in the forum for Microsoft MVP award. There can...
  13. D

    How do you Decrypt encrypted files & folders ?

    Firstly, I wish all u forum members are A-okay Sorry, for not attending the forum ==> study pressure XI-XII standard. Please forgive me all Just help me out with this one plz ~ I had to format my machine recently (about 2 months back) , its not the issue, and had to set-up Windows XP...
  14. O

    Lots Of Free Java Softwars

  15. siddes

    Looking for a system upgrade for graphics editing

    Hey ppl, i got a pretty old computer; 256 mb ram, 32mb onboard graphics, 1.9 ghz p4... (stop bloody laughing:D ) and have to do lots of photoshop, pagemaker and 3d studio max... planning to go in for 1gig of ddr2 533mhz ram and a geforce 5200.... my budget is about 10 grand.... but am confused...
  16. V

    help in win reinstall

    my windows is giving me lots of trouble. i wud like to do a reinstall. i ve 4 partitions of 10, 40, 40, 63 gb each with win on 10gb partition. now i ve lots of important stuff on other partitions. i want to knw if my contents on other partitions will b affected on reinstalling windows. i dont...
  17. T

    CPU upgradation dilemma

    Dear friends , recently my four years old AMD duron compatible motherboard expired due to some unknown reasons, and has forced me to plan my total system upgradation. since core2duo proecessors are pricy yet, have planned to upgrade to a pentium 4 processor as of now. But as read about pentium...
  18. RaghuKL

    hp psc 1315 prints test by itself

    my hp psc 1315 prints a test page every time its turned on:mad: . have already wasted lots of ink . can anybody give a soln. for this
  19. choudang

    Windows drive error

    suddenly, one of my drive become not responding. whenever i want to open the drive, it takes lots of time and displays "Drive is not formated, Format now?" I have stored lots of important files in this drive and i don't want to lose it. can anybody help .............. its urgent
  20. Anindya

    Good free hosting sites?

    Can u all tell me some really good free hosting sites with lots of additional functionalities?
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