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Excessive happiness
It is an under-rated game IMO and i thought it deserve a new thread. It's the best co-op zombie survival game(Don't ask DigitalFragger, he will tell WarZ is best. ). BTW I am listing all forum members who own/have this game, who we play together most of the days.

desmond david
Digital Fragger
Allu Azad

If any, post here. I will add in this list.

Almost everyday, somoeone will play around 8pm. So if you wanna join add someone from above list in Steam and join the club.
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Destroy Erase Improve
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So, what level are your perks?

Mine are :

Medic - 2
Support specialist - 4
Sharpshooter - 5
Commando - 3
Berserker - 6
Firebug - 4
Demolitions - 6

PS: I will be coming 10 PM today, so I cannot play but tomorrow I can.


Destroy Erase Improve
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A second l6 perk?? ;@

My perks are :
Medic - 4
Support specialist - 3
Sharpshooter - 4
Commando - 3
Berserker -4
Firebug - 3
Demolitions - 4

Yup. Been playing solo demolitions lately. Very good crowd control.


Destroy Erase Improve
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I was playing solo till now. But I have to go office.

However, I have off tomorrow. So we can play then.

PS: Please host early if anyone hosting otherwise if I feel like it I will host and you guys can join if you see me playing Killing Floor. Password will be the same as usual.


Destroy Erase Improve
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Becomes harder at higher difficulties. It's a expensive perk after all. You'll have to ask for money every wave :p.

Man, you keep playing solo. Go use your connection to play on US servers or something :p. Make guys like me on stupid BSNL jealous of you :D .

US servers will give me 500-600 ms ping.
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