1. hahahari


    Guys I have asus M2N MX SE Motherbuord and I want a new HDD....which one should I go for I checked and seems segate 320 Gb does the job but I need to know if My Mobo supports SATA2. Thnx for all input.
  2. DigitalDude

    Hilarious Video: Bill Gates is looking for a job -- fruitlessly

    Watch this video. I laughed all the way through it. haha its Bill himself :D Via Engadget
  3. ~Phenom~

    Career Guidance Needed :-(

    Hi Friends, I am B.Tech. IT 2007 passout from Kurukshetra university. I am unemployed till now. :-( Now , I once got offer from a small company in delhi with salary 8000 for first 6 months and then 15000. But that time I was in 7th semester and company wanted me to join immediately. So cudnt...
  4. U

    Want to add subtitles to my Videos

    OS - Win XP SP 2 PROBLEM - I want to add subtitles to my videos but I don't know any software which can do so. I tried Microsoft Movie Maker but I don't think that it can do the job. So, please someone tell me the working software. SUPPORTED VIDEO FORMAT - Any :)

    Linux Installation

    there is a prob with the .tar file installation.The rpm packages get installed easily but the .tar r a little bit too even in thier behavior.It will be nice if a detailed instruction is there for gettibg the job done for linux(red h)installation with info abt the grub boot loader or any other...
  6. K

    Help me for choosing career

    Friends, I have just completed Diploma in I.T.,Now i want to do job in Computer security field.Can u tell me that how much market value is there for this computer security field?What i have to do to become security professional?How r the job opportunities for this field?
  7. codename_romeo

    Need Help regarding HDD

    If i have to merge different partitions or modify the size of partitions without losing the data stored in the hdd, which software should i use?????? it should be a freeware and should do the job nicely
  8. Batistabomb

    needs your suggestion urgent

    guys i got job in HP and HCL,in HP i got job as networking tech support and he was offering 26000 per month in bangalore,in HCL i've got as Network Engineer and he was offering 30000 in chennai,so where to go
  9. bikdel

    Job after 12th?

    guys... i wanted to ask one thing.. im doing my +2 ryt now and will end some time in march. now what im thinking is to take a break; do some small jobs for 6 months- 1 year . and come back to studying and go for undergraduate level ... i actually wanna earn some money after 12.. i will do...
  10. gaurav_indian

    Kumble to captain in Test series Hamare selectors ajoobey hai.:mad: Ganguly ke team mein hotey huey koi aur kaise captain ban gaya.:mad:
  11. K

    Free Software like Norton Sytemworks

    Can anybody suggest any freeware/ open source software which can do all the job that Norton Systemworks can do?
  12. A

    Job search

    I am on the look out of jobs in the marketing field and have registered my profiles in some of the job sites such as naukri and timesjobs. My friend suggested that i try out clickjobs too. Heard that it is good. Have any of you guys had the experience of getting jobs through these job sites...
  13. V

    Get Jobs by SMS for Free

    Get SMS alerts on your mobile and get a job … an innovative website just log on to JobsBySMS and get jobs instantly. Get selected ……hurry up to register and to get a job
  14. D

    Is battery down..??

    While booting PC, it shows following msg.. After pressing F1, OS loads normally.. but I have to configure the date and time.. Now it is very tedious job to do it everytime.. Will I have replace my Motherboard Cell with new one.. please suggest me what to do...
  15. mandeep444

    GNIIT (Professional Pratice) PP is compulsary??

    I have done GNIIT from NIIT from Delhi, but i don't want to do PP (Professional Pratice, One year Job). Can i get GNIIT Certificate without doing PP??
  16. Kiran.dks

    FREE DOWNLOAD:Genie Backup Manager 7 Lite worth £10.

    Genie Backup Manager 7 Lite Full commercial download, worth £10 Manufacturer's Description: Backups can be fun. Okay, no, we made that up: backing up your PC will always be dull, that's just one of the fundamentals of computing. Install Genie Backup Manager and you can at least get the...
  17. I

    New Job opening in South Kolkata

    Post Erased.
  18. kool

    IT or CSE ?? what is d difference between these two courses for B-Tech??

    Hi guyz, I want to know d difference between these two subjects for Bachelor degree. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and COMPUTER SCIENCE. What are the scope of JOB by these two degree??? Which one is in more demand?? Reply soon..............
  19. G

    Mca And Commerce

    hey guys i am a graduate in, i have very good experiance in computer, i am doing MCA via corresponding can u tell me that is commerce background will affect my study or getting job, or MCA is tuff for me.
  20. Q

    part time job

    Hi Everyone, Guys, now a days im looking for a part time job...... using internet i heard about the google adword........ how about this......? can any one tell me....... it will be worthy.....? or can any one suggess any other one.... please guys...... Thanking........ Qadir...
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