1. H

    Phone with best sound quality?

    Hi all, Please recommend a phone which delivers awesome sound quality through earphones. Earlier, I had Redmi 2 which did the job pretty good. My budget is 12k-13k max.
  2. D

    Set up time in new industry

    How much time you should allow to yourselves to set in a new job of new field?
  3. I

    Please suggest very cheap soundcard

    Hi all, I have an old S775 motherboard(Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L) whose onboard sound chip is not working. I would hence like to buy a soundcard which can get the job done at the same sound quality. Are there any decent ones available for about 500 bucks or less? New or used? Thanks!
  4. Night-Rider

    Switch to Bank Job from IT? Yes or No

    Hello everyone, I am currently working in an IT firm in NCR region. I have B.Tech in Computer Science. I have been in IT industry from last 5 years and getting a salary of 72k per month after tax deductions. (11.2LPA) I love my job as I am a techie at heart. However, I want to move closer to...
  5. D

    Should I Go For This Job As A HTML Developer

    I am Computer Science fresher. I want to make career in software development or web development. I want to work on multiple technologies rather than one, at least in future if not now. But as of now, I have received a job offer as a HTML developer. It includes developing only static web pages...
  6. S

    If I am looking for a job in the Gulf countries, what things should I keep in mind being an Indian?

    If I am looking for a job in the Gulf countries, what things should I keep in mind being an Indian?
  7. isenberg

    What skills are required from a CSE student ?

    Hi, I am a fresher at (CSE). Due to two years of drop I have lost motivation and interest in everything. Now what they are teaching in 1st sem seems boring, dull and irrelevant. I know I can't drop out again, because I have lost two years already. This is the last shot at getting a...
  8. Niilesh

    What to do as a 2 year CSE student

    I currently only know C and a bit of C++ and python. I am passionate towards computers. Some questions i have in mind: Q. What i should focus studying right now?(to get internships and decent job) Q. What should i do after B.E.? Get a job directly or Q. How to decide in which...
  9. ashs1

    Some tips for first job.

    HI guys.. I recently got placed in a small firm for the finance dept. Its not a much paying job, but the place seems to be favoured by the freshers for the exposure & experience. This is my first job after i finished my college this year & i am a bit nervous about it. Can you post some...
  10. kARTechnology

    ENGINEERING: to get a job faster, and a high pay

    Hi! just now entered Engg. IT 2nd year guys. Learned C Last year. This year C++ Do you think CCNA / CCNP or these kind of courses help to get a good package during placement? I have practical experience with small networks, and good experience in computer hardware & software, a geek...
  11. S

    Have you any experience with PlacementIndia ? Share your reviews

    I am asking this question to know your view about the company. I am a student and currently i am pursuing final year. I am also looking for a job so that i can bear my small expenses. From couple of days i am getting calls from PlacementIndia regarding the job opportunity and they said...
  12. D

    How to get job at Discovery Channel?

    Hello guys. I have done my B.Sc. (H) Physics from University Of Delhi. I wanna know How can i get a Job at Discovery Channel, if anyone here have any idea then share it with me. Thank You.
  13. isenberg

    what kind of job can I expect?

    Hello guys... I took admission into engineering (cse) again after 2 years of gap.... I am really serious about getting a job after the degree and making the most out of it... I am interested in programming even though I am pretty novice in c++ and c... I want to get a job as a programmer after...
  14. D

    Career in programming

    Being a mechanical engineer and ending up doing some crappy job which i absolutely hate i want to shift my path to programming. Coding is not a joke i know but will 1 year of hard work can get me a job. Atleast i will love what i am doing though i have never code before.
  15. B

    MBA in "finance" or "Logistics and supply chain management" ?

    Hey guys, I am in the last semester of B.B.A. I have to apply for admission in MBA course now but i am confused what specialisation should i choose. I like logistics and supply chain management but everyone i talked to, says there are very less job opportunities with it and engineering degree...
  16. R

    CCNP Traning Center in Banglore

    Hello , I am looking for Good training center in Banglore to Study CCNP R&S and do Job In Rest of the study time (part time or Full time and night Studies ) . In google there are many Training centers , Can any suggest a good one (would be better if u have Personal Experience )...
  17. Skyh3ck

    How to hide or cover Gap in your Resume !!! and get a job

    Hello guys I always wonder at what level a person can go to get a job. Many people leave job for any reason mainly being to start their own business, or family problem. now if the business works its ok, but when it does not say after spending around 1 to 2 year or more than that, and you go...
  18. R

    Nokia coming back with Android ? job posting suggests

    Nokia might jump back in the phone business with Android vengeance, job postings suggest Finally end of 5 years of wait !! a true Nokia + Android
  19. Skyh3ck

    B. com graduate with 9 year exp in business operation, is CCNA or moving to IT a good idea ??? help

    hello friends i am first class commerece graduate in the year 2004 from mumbai university, after my graduation i joined a computer institute as a trainer for office application, interenet, windows os and MSCIT courses. i worked for 2 year as a trainer later for more money i joined citigroup as...
  20. saikiasunny

    what the hell should i do??

    hello digitians came here after a long time back. idk if post is about career advise or life advise? i don't know how to start but will do it anyway. so the thing is, i am in a situation which i can only describe as hell. there were some really horrible problems i faced last year. first of all...
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