1. S

    Programming puzzles

    Post some interesting " find the output " type questions or any other sort of tricky programs here in c++ or java.... take the following code: int i, n = 20; for (i=0; i<n; i--) { cout << "x" << endl; } by changing only ONE character in the above code, meaning you cannot change 20 to...
  2. G

    How to flash Samsung Champ 3.5g java phone via Samsung Kies

    Dear members, i have a stupid Samsung java phone which cannot download java application after a number of master resets. While looking for help on internet i came across many people who had this problem with this phone. Some of them got their phone repaired via Samsung service center. I also got...
  3. JGuru

    Java 8 : A sneek preview!!

    Java 8 is trying to "innovate," . This means stealing a lot of things that have typically been handled by other frameworks and languages, then incorporating them into the language or runtime (aka standardization). Ahead of the next release, the Java community is talking about Project Lambda...
  4. P

    Online learning source for java

    Hi :-) ..I want to learn java but I don't get some good and easy learning source ..please anyone know some easy online learning source then share with me...
  5. JGuru

    The Ultimate Guide to Java Programming & Reference:

    The Ultimate Guide to Java Programming & Reference Hey Guys in this post, I'm going to give you the list of the best books & resources on the Web to study Java Programming, plus I'm going to give you some programs written by me to help you understand Java programming better. I have more...
  6. sanny16

    java and sql certification from oracle

    I am currently undergoing advance java course and i have finished the sql course earlier. I wanted to know how to get oracle certification in java and sql? I need to know how to began the process for certification from where and what all things and study material required. They are variations in...
  7. speedyguy

    Java Swing Deprecated

    Hello, I have almost worked my half way through with Java Swing UI project. It is now that I realize that java swing is getting deprecated and would not be a good idea to proceed with this as it won't attract client's attention. Can anyone guide me with an alternative to this, or share more...
  8. A

    Java Problems!

    Hey people, I have a Genuine Win 7 Home Premium 32-bit on my laptop. For learning and using Java, I was recommended to download the latest Java Development Kit(JDK) from the Java(Oracle) website itself. So I downloaded - "Windows (x86) jdk-7u21-windows-i586.exe" , which technically should...
  9. A

    Learning Java

    Hey everybody, I wanna learn Java from scratch. I found some Ebooks on the net- Learn Java/Java 6/Java 7 etc in 21 days(all are different books) Should I start the Java 7(latest book), or is their some hierarchy? I mean, do I have to read the previous versions? i.e. Is Java 7 different from...
  10. utkarsh73

    How to proceed & prepare for OCPJP exam?

    I have been familiar with Java for a while now and I m looking forward to take the OCPJP certification exam. Please guide me about the books and materials needed to pass the certification exam. I have completed Head First Java and have a good grasp on most of the topics covered in the book...
  11. A

    Help regarding some subjects

    I am a student of ECE. I got selected in TCS. They have asked to prepare for subjects like UNIX, Web technologies, database concepts, JAVA. I have no idea about these subjects except JAVA. Since the time is too short, can anyone suggest me some good tutorials (mainly pdfs) or provide me some...
  12. R

    Oracle Certified Java Programmer Exam ? Some basic questions and doubts.

    Hello Everyone, I'm a Computer Science Engineering student (3rd year) with intermediate knowledge of Java. I wish to take the "Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer -1Z0-803 " exam. So please guide me through the following points : 1. How good is it for an CS engineering...
  13. Shah

    Suggestion of eBooks for Java

    Hi there, I just downloaded NetBeans 7.3 with JDK 7u21 to migrate from .NET platform to Java platform. In .NET, I learned each and everything by "trail-and-error" method. I am exploring the Netbeans IDE, now. Before I start programming in Java, I want to go through the basics. I need...
  14. S

    java applet to php server communication

    Hello everyone I have an japplet. I want to do the following with this applet Whenever a user click on a button i want to pass a variable to a php server. the server will check this value with the stored value in database if true return true if false return false. Now based on this return...
  15. R

    Best JAVA certification class [ MUMBAI ]

    Guys, i want to learn advanced java + do my java certification. Even learn android. I've finished doing my engineering in Computer's. So in your opinion which is the best class.
  16. B

    Graphs in java

    i m having trouble coding a graph in java .............. graph as in an extended bst .....plz help
  17. speedyguy

    Help: Java Application Development

    Hi, I am presently starting from scratch to create an application that would call a perl scrip and the perl script in turn would perform some informatica commands via unix shell script (not important if you did not understand this at this point). So basically, I need to have a UI (to be...
  18. flyingcow

    What next after 10th

    Hello there, My 10th exams (ICSE) are getting over on the 20th of march, and I have no idea what to do next I dont even know what to do next, I'm not a bright student, only get 80-85% and probably get 85+ 90- in my boards, so what should I do next. All I planned is doing programming all...
  19. G

    Is Java safe to use now

    Hey guys, I had seen a news about a month ago that java has vulnerabilities and needs to be disabled on browsers. But Is it safe to use java now?I need to check out some webpages running applets
  20. S

    Project/Paper Suggestions, CSE 4th Semester

    Hey guys! Looks like most of you are working professionals with vast knowledge. I'm in CSE 2nd year and have 2.5 months of summer holidays. Planning for an internship but IF I don't get one I needed suggestions for some projects for practice and experience. OR a research paper(I have no...
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