help regarding a java project

    hey im planning to do a ieee project in java.the project title is Packet Hiding Methods for Preventing Selective Jamming Attack i have never done such projects before.and i have no idea where to start.i do have good knowledge in core java n swing. but dnt knw where to start.can any one help...
  2. vickybat

    Stuck in Android programming

    Guys i'm trying my hands on android programming recently using java and xml. I know a bit of java but completely new to xml ( i somewhat know html5 and familiar with markup language tags). Been following a beginners guide and trying to create my first app. Its simply like a "hello-world" code...
  3. Hrishi

    Java & Open-Source Development [Need Assistance for Beginner]

    Hi , I am planning to start learning Java Programming and getting into Open Source Development specially android. Prior to this I had some experience in developing applications based on C#/.NET. The reason I am looking to switch from .NET to Java is because of Open Source and stability of...
  4. S

    US warns on Java software as security concerns

    US warns on Java software as security concerns escalate - Technology on
  5. I

    Suggest me a good laptop for java development

    Hi am a java developer. Suggest me a good laptop for java development. I am giving more importance to performance. It should have a good screen. Which is the best operating system for java development. Please help me Ps: i am not interested in games Budget : upto 60k (1100 dollars)
  6. donnawhite

    Institutes for Java and C#.Net in Punjab?

    I am looking for some good institutes in Punjab which are providing training for Java and languages. Please share if you know about some good recommendations.
  7. K

    phone memory error

    i have a nokia c3 qwerty version whenever i try to load a webpage bigger than 1/2 mb, the app(opera mini) crashes with a java exception error saying "out of memory" same problem if i run a big game like "detective ridley" how to fix this?
  8. C

    What does “Locale” mean in Java?

    Hello Friends I would like to know what is a Locale in Java?
  9. sayan8

    Will 320x240 java games work on BB 8520?

    My frnd hav a 8520..He is wondering wheter 320x240 java games work on his mobile..For eg , opera mini.etc.
  10. V

    PC configuration

    Hi friends, i am new to this forum... I want to buy pc. Please suggest me the best configuration (i will be using Autocad, C, C++, Java and for Games)
  11. F

    Elective Subject Advanced Java/.NET Framework/Artificial Intelligence

    I have to select elective subjects for next sem (6th Btech(it)) I am good at programmming, I am looking forward to AJAVA but I want to know your views. What are the pros/cons of both? help Advance Java Syllabus 1.JFC and Java Networking 2. Overview of J2EE 3. JDBC SQL Programming...
  12. dead.night7

    .NET vs Java... What side are you On?

    I have successfully learnt a lot from both of the worlds, in the last one year. Now doubt raises on what side a person should be... Java - The heated cup 1) J2SE Being the core I thought that this would be awesome to learn, much better than C++/C Cool concept of JVM(Java Virtual Machine) 2)...
  13. dharmil007

    Need help regarding EjB

    Hello guys. i Am new to EjB. i Have to do Library Operations in Ejb. i Have all the code {RemoteInterface, HomeInterface, eTc.} required to do the coding, but dont know how to implement it. i Know to how to code in JAva, but EjB has java but its execution is very much different. i...
  14. A

    Visual studio Help

    This is my first experience with VS. I'm wanting to create a desktop application that stores data in two excel files.I'm confused about where to start. VS 2010 express has a lot of options to start which one should i choose? Can anyone tell about the starting steps? I've very good knowledge in...
  15. Inceptionist

    Need Video Lectures (Java, ASP.NET with C#)

    I am doing TYBScIT in Mumbai university. I need video lectures for ASP.NET with C# and Java(Advanced Java). Like the lectures provided on Digit DVD. I found one site but it is streaming site and my connection is slow. also that site focuses more on web applications and less on...
  16. Maddd

    How to print a sequence?

    Can anyone tell me how the following sequence can be printed in java or c? *_________* **______** ***___*** ********
  17. crazylamhe

    PHP vs J2EE

    hi all, This summer I did a course on J2EE, topics covered were JSP and Servlets, and an introduction to EJB. I am currently in the 3rd year, pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology. I have heard from my friends that PHP is a language which is easier to learn and implement, as also PHP...
  18. ankit.kumar010203

    Apps For Java Mobiles....Like NOKIA 5130 XPRESSMUSIC...

    Can You Tell me Some Good Apps For Java Mobiles....Like NOKIA 5130 XPRESSMUSIC...?? I Searched In Google...I Am Not Confirm To Download That which i have searched from google.....Because If The App Is Useless Then It Will Charges Data Of My Net And Wastage Of Time...!!:-?:-?
  19. rijinpk1

    Urgent.. A java program...

    Pls help me guys. Only u can help me.. I am suffering from vomiting and tomorrow is my xam. I am in half trouble. I need to get the answer for the following quest. This questin is asked repeatedly. Quest is WRITE A JAVA PGM TO CREATE 3 RECTANGLES AND CALCULATE THE AREAS AND DISLAY USING...
  20. A

    java_netbeans query!!!

    Hi, i am new to the java development and learning by reading head first java. i am also new to the OO Programming. The problem is i have made some small programs in java using TextPad. now i have installed Netbeans, in netbeans if i open a java program which i programed in textpad it does not...
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