1. S

    need project in me out

    guys i need a minor project in java i hv to submitt in ma colg plz help me to decide a gud project n also provide me help in dat by providing source code.. thnx in advance
  2. furious_gamer

    Java Queries Here..

    I face a lot of issues while i m running java when i started to learn it... And i think the same issues will still alive.. If anyone find such kinda issue then please post it here instead of creating a new thread.. Yes this thread is dedicatedto Java(if u like J2EE toooo....:D) So please...
  3. trublu

    Java project

    I was thinking of making a multimedia player as a part of my Java project.It wud b a basic one,other features wud b added as i learn more.So,the question is,can it b done using Java only? Or do i need to study ne thing else?Pls suggest some useful resources too.
  4. prasath_digit

    Will Java & .NET KILL C & C++?

    Yes thats the question, Will it?...........Just want to know whether these platforms will ever replace the Native C & C++..........? :rolleyes: As both Java & .NET are Virtual Machine based environments, they will be secure & programmer friendly...........But it is traditionally believed...
  5. prasath_digit

    What kind of Linux is this?

    I'm running a copy of the Fedora 9 (Sulphur) which is bundled in this month's DVD. I want to install 1. Java Development Kit 6 Update 6 for developing Java programs ( & running out of time ) My CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ [Dual-Core] [64-bit] I went to sun's website to...
  6. P

    what to do??

    hi guys, myself piyush, pursuing B.Tech(I.T.) from kurushetra university, moving in final year. i have done core java from NIIT last year in training period i.e. after 2nd year. but what to do now is the real Q. 1) prepare for the MBA........or M.Tech........? i actually want name, fame...
  7. T

    Java Or Dotnet

    hi friends iam fresher 2008 passed out B.E(ece) iam interested to do any one of technologies which will benefit me in the future so tell me ur opnion... which have got more job openings for freshers java or dotnet.... and wheather dotnet replacing java is it so tell ur comments...
  8. Plasma_Snake

    My Minor Thing

    I have to give my minor project of Enng. in November. Currently I'm doing Core Java and will move on to Advanced Java. Primarily I'm planning to make a game but as a "Plan B" I've decided to make a Telephone Directory program in Java with a twist. Twist is that after displaying the Address of a...
  9. K

    call recording software for java phone nokia 5310

    hey guys plz help me out here i need a software for recording calls for my phone nokia 5310 which is a java phone.i am gettin many symbian ones but none for java plz help thanks in advance
  10. panacea_amc

    Cool softwares 4 JAVA fones!

    here in dis thread, i will provide sum delightful softys meant 4 JAVA fones which i stumble across d net . u r also welcomed to post urs if any. heres a proggy thru which u can c the clear sky above u wid al d planets,stars, constellatn etc rite in ur mobile screen, changing their course...
  11. panacea_amc

    Download manager for JAVA fones!

    here is wat i found. a Download manager for JAVA fones! * enjoy!
  12. P

    symbian and Java

    hey guyz, i m a bit newbie in mobile stuffs. I heard symbian OS is better than Java. But can u please specify its main advantages. I mean why Nokia beats SE in terms of apps?
  13. ajooba215

    torrent client for java phones...

    hey there a torrent client for java phones too?
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