java and sql certification from oracle


I am currently undergoing advance java course and i have finished the sql course earlier. I wanted to know how to get oracle certification in java and sql? I need to know how to began the process for certification from where and what all things and study material required. They are variations in java certification which one to choose and the same for sql. I want to know the details in detail right from the start point. Please help. I have finished my BE in CSE.


Wise Old Owl
If you are a fresher, then certification doesn't make sense!! Certification is a better suited for experienced programmers.
If you want to get certified, then go ahead. I suggest that you learn programming ( understand & apply logic).
For Java the best books are
1) Core Java Vol I & II
2) Java 2 Developers Handbook
3) Beginning Java Objects
4) Java - How to Program
5) Beginning Java 6 (Wrox)

There are lots of books available for preparing certification in Java , Oracle etc.,
Check out books , type "Java certification" in the textfield. This gives a big list of books!!
Always study atleast 3 or 4 books. One book is not enough!! Also checkout lot certification questions
on the Web.
I'm a Sun Certified Java programmer & developer myself.
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