How to proceed & prepare for OCPJP exam?


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I have been familiar with Java for a while now and I m looking forward to take the OCPJP certification exam. Please guide me about the books and materials needed to pass the certification exam.
I have completed Head First Java and have a good grasp on most of the topics covered in the book. Now how should I proceed?


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I recommend these books for preparing Java certification

1) Core Java Vol I & II
2) Java 2 Developers Handbook
3) Java 2 Certification study Guide Philip Heller, Simon Roberts

Plus Google for "Java certitication questions"
Prepare, Practise, and Practise!!


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^^ Completely agree with Core Java Vol I & II. Written by one of the best professors "Cay Horstmann". He's actually the primary instructor and teacher of Udacity's "Programming in Java" course.
Currently using them and the books are simple and excellent,with almost all topics covered.
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