1. patkim

    List of Private IPs

    When I search for Private IPs list I get the following list from Google. RFC1918 name IP address range number of addresses 24-bit block – 16,777,216 20-bit block – 1,048,576 16-bit block – 65,536 What I...
  2. Stormbringer

    Need FullHD monitor for PlayStation and Laptop.

    Hey Fellas, Need your suggestions for a New Monitor. 1. Budget? 10k to 15k. 2. Display type and size? 22 or 24 inch IPS FullHD 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Gaming with PS4 Pro and General web surfing,movies,programming when connected to a laptop. 4. Ports Required? 2 HDMI or (1...
  3. cray.x

    Monitor under 15k?

    hey hi guys looking for a monitor. 1. Budget? 15k 2. Display type and size? if possible ultra wide and not less than 23 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? monitor 4. Ports Required? any port, as far as i can get a VGA adapter for it. 5. Preferred choice of brand...
  4. Chetan1991

    Looking for a 18.5" FHD monitor for <6k

    Looking for a 18.5" monitor for <6k Hola mis amigos. Could you help me pick out a monitor? 1. Budget? 4-6k. 2. Display type and size? Full HD and IPS if possible. 18.5" wil suffice, but bigger is better. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Monitor 4. Ports Required? Anything will do. 5...
  5. R

    IPv4 Question

    Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out an answer i found long ago but need to re-affirm few things. Tried googling but maybe I'm not questioning correctly. So the question is - let's say there are 2 WAN IPs Do these 2 IPs belong to the same area? Let's...
  6. I

    How is Full HD LED IPS TV different from FULL HD LED?

    Hello friends! I want to know that how is IPS TV different from LED? I am getting a 43 inches FULL HED LED TV for 32k at amazon. Is it OK? Here's the link - LG 43LH516A 109 cm Full HD LED IPS TV: Amazon.in: Electronic But this has only 1 HDMI Port and 1 usb! Is it sufficient guys? My main...
  7. ramakanta

    IPS Monitor under 9K

    IPS Display Monitor under 9K Need a 22 inch IPS Monitor for my desktop ( Gigabyte Motherboard B150M-D3H). please give some suggestion. budget Rs. 9000.00 Urgent.. please give some suggestions. Thank you
  8. seamon

    Broadwell-E Gaming rig

    My new gaming rig: CPU = core i7 6850K GPU = 2xGTX 1080 in SLI RAM = 32GB G Skill Series V 3000Mhz Cooler = Corsair H115i Mobo = Asus Strix X99 PSU = Corsair RM1000i Monitor = 3xG257HU(1440p 60Hz IPS) and 1xXB271HU(1440p G sync IPS 165Hz) Case = Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX Keyboard = Corsair K70...
  9. M

    Best 1440p 144Hz Monitor to buy in India??

    Hi there...i wish to buy a 1440p with 144Hz with Ips panel if possible <5ms response time in kolkata. If anyone from kolkata knows any local shop where i can get it then please suggest it cause there is no monitor with the specs i mentions in online India.
  10. D

    HP 22vx IPS Monitor

    Guys does anyone know if this monitor has a glossy or matte screen. HP 22vx IPS Monitor India
  11. K

    Help me buy a new monitor

    Guys, I need a monitor for my gaming build. This will be used for gaming and wathcing movies. So, I would like you to recommend me IPS panels. Monitor should be 27", 1440p and should have a displayport. Please reply. I need to get it within the next 2 days or so.
  12. mikael_schiffer

    Lenovo Y50 70 Now with GTX960M and IPS Display : WORTH IT NOW?

    The IPS display is average at best, but still better than the previous version. It got 58% SRGB Color reproduction which is better than most LED panels on laptops. The GTX 960M is equavalent to 750ti, as long as the laptop is running cool We still didnt get the Skylake version in India tho...Is...
  13. amjath

    1080P gaming monitor under 15K

    Hi guys, My needs, 1. Budget - under 15000 2. Display type and size - IPS, 27 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor - Gaming 4. Ports Required - HDMI will suffice 5. Preferred choice of brand - Any IPS panel 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration - Open for suggestion 7. Any other info that you...
  14. H

    Need a 27 inch 1080p IPS monitor

    Hi Everyone, I need a 1080p IPS 27 inch monitor LED backlit response time less than 8ns Need HDMI, VGA and DVI ports For Movies, Games, web browsing, youtube and general computer usage dont really need it for photoediting or animation softwares but if the monitor...
  15. Hrishi

    New Monitor & Keyboard

    New Monitor &amp; Keyboard Hi Folks , I am planning on purchasing a new PC Display to replace my current 28" HDTV acting as the primary display for my PC and Laptop. Budget : Anything under 11,500 INR Strictly. Screen Size : Between 22-24" . Panel type : IPS Preferred. ( From what I...
  16. N

    Looking for 27" IPS monitor for photo editing

    Please advise on a good IPS led monitor of 27" for photo editing. Budget is within 30k.
  17. C

    Good quality display panel for Lenovo Z50-70

    I purchased a lenovo z50-70, it has a Full HD TN GL slim display. The quality of display is so awful that I hate to even look at it. There is distinct color banding and extremely bad color reproduction, and even after exact perpendicular angle, the dark colors appear washed out at the corners. I...
  18. V

    Buying monitor need suggestions

    1. Budget? 15-20k 2. Display type and size? AH-IPS Panel and 23"-27" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Multimedia, gaming 4. Ports Required? DVI or HDMI 5. Preferred choice of brand? any brand 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? No 7. Any other info that you want to share. Previously had...
  19. M

    Best Laptop for Movies and App Development around 50K?

    Hi guys, my old laptop(Acer 4820TG Timeline Series) stopped working last week and now I'm in hunt for a new one. I intended to use the laptop for watching 1080p movies and Android app development. I want a laptop with a nice display(preferably FullHD IPS screen, else 720p IPS screen), sufficient...
  20. banskt

    Laptops with IPS panel + both SSD and HDD + memory extendable to 16GB

    As the title says, what are my options when I restrict my criteria with these must-haves? 14" -- 15.6" IPS panel both SSD and HDD bays (SSD could be in m.2 slot) option to extend memory to 16GB or more The laptop would be used for following: Programming - FORTRAN, JAVA, C++, Android Studio...
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