1. M

    27" IPS LED for PC

    Hey .. my rig is Intel Core i7 3770k - Intel Original DH77EB G.Skill RipjawsZ DDR3 16 GB(F3-12800CL9Q-16GBZL) ATI Firepro v5800 WD 1 TB 7200 RPM HDD (64 MB Cache) LG 24X Sata Black DVD - Corsair TX850M - NZXT Phantom Dell Ultrasharp 23" Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo APC 600 va...
  2. sandyss

    Xperia Confusion

    I want to buy a xperia phone and my budget is 17 to 21 k.(no more) I have seen these models:-o Xperia™ SP Xperia™ V Xperia™ ION HSPA Xperia™ T Xperia™ Tx Which of these would be best for me? My needs are a 4.5 inch scren or more and is ips or led a dual core processor or more 1 gb ram...
  3. avichandana20000

    Monitor cum tv needed

    Pls suggest a good MONITOR that will work as a TV. Expected Resolution :1920*1080(FULL HD) Expected Screensize: 24" Panel Type: IPS What will the best way to watch TV Programmes in a Computer?
  4. RohanM

    True HD IPS vs TFT

    Whats the real difference & which one is really good ??
  5. S

    Need an IPS led monitor 23" or 24"...

    I'm planning to buy a monitor.I heard that IPS are superior in color reproduction..So i need your help choosing good IPS monitor...I do a little bit gaming so suggest the one which is having low input lag...And also tell me the difference between HDMI and DVI and which one to choose and why ...
  6. R

    Samsung vs BenQ | LCD vs LED

    Hi, I am getting a good deal on a used Benq V2410 with 1yr warranty. Currently I am using a Samsung B2230. If I sell the Samsung for Rs x, I can buy the BenQ for Rs 2x. I am confused if its worth the money. Is there a significant difference on image quality? Or should I wait for a year or so...
  7. R

    Dell IPS vs LED

    There is been a lot of confusion regarding the DELL ST2220L and DEL S2240L ? Which is better . How much is the cost difference between IPS and TN LED. Which 1 should I buy ?
  8. A

    Yamakasi Catleap Q270 - Holy grail of monitors?

    Ever since I started hearing about how much better 120Hz is for smoother gaming, I have been looking for a 120Hz monitor. Then, I came across how much better IPS panels are than TNs Then I realized how much clearer a 1440p res monitor would be than a 1080 one Just recently, I came across these...
  9. C

    Full HD light weight with i7

    Hi, It's good to see in recent threads the interest of members in FHD screens for laptops. But really sad that they are such a rarity these days. They were available easily 5 years ago, when I got my first lappy. Strange that they haven't become mainstream yet even with so much HD content...
  10. V

    New IPS monitor budget around 15k..

    Plz help me buy a IPS Full HD monitor 21''-23'' 16:9 display ratio. I bought dell st2320l 3 months back and was really really disappointed. Very high brightness even at zero, very bad colors and despicable viewing angles. Giving it to somebody now.. Main purpose is surfing, watching movies in...
  11. D

    Monitor for 12k urgent

    Hey guys I want to buy a monitor for max12k, for gaming and general use.I have shortlisted two monitors LG IPS 235V (ips) and BENQ GW2450HM (VA) and i dont want to go with Dell u23**hm or u24**hm because they are costly. so please suggest me which one is better vfm or any other monitor available...
  12. chandan3

    3d moniter

    Lg D2343p ips 3d passive moniter when it ll come to india
  13. R

    need to buy IPS LCD monitor for photo editing, 22-24inch

    I am looking specifically an IPS panel as my old lenovo monitor died suddenly can you suggest some more of these panel size ranging from 21-24inch within 10-22k budget. I don't necessarily need a larger monitor can do with anything 20inch plus but should be an IPS panel. Usage internet...
  14. arun garg

    Performance and price of DELL S2340L and S2440L S series monitor

    I want to buy a dell monitor . May be S2340L or S2440L. I am now using samsung S23A250H led monitor but i want to replace it with anyone of these. I found S2340L is and IPS panel monitor and S2440 L is a VA panel monitor. Please tell me is it available in india and what are the specifications of...
  15. summers

    23 - 24" IPS Monitors.

    Hi all, I want to purchase an IPS Monitor for general purpose work / movies and some casual gaming. Earlier i had decided to buy AOC i 2353 PH, but one of my friend suggested not to go for it as it is not having DVI connectivity. So, I've zeroed on three monitors : Dell Ultrasharp...
  16. summers

    AMVA Monitors Vs. IPS Monitors

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a monitor 23" - 24" probably. Can anyone suggest whether to go for AMVA Monitors or an IPS monitor. Mostly to be used for Movies, Casual gaming and general purpose work at home.
  17. C

    Lg ips 225v 22" where to buy in ncr

    Hello all I was wondering if someone could tell me where to get the LG IPS 225V or an AOC IPS panel monitor under 11,000 INR in delhi gurgaon region. Or if you know any online website which has stock. Letsbuy and techshop.in did not have. It's kind of urgent so any quick info would be...
  18. B

    32 levd t

    hi i am planning to buy a 32 inch led tv i have looked following models samsung 32d5900 samsung 32d5000 sony ex520 budget is 45k is lg better or not pls suggest which one should i go for. sony is not able to play mkv and does not support ntfs also. and pls tell me among these models...
  19. R

    lg ips225v or dell st2220l ?

    Hello guys!!! I'm new to this forum. I'm considering buying a 22" led monitor. I encountered this lg ips225v and I'm wondering how come an IPS panel is being offered at 9.5k. Why don't other brands have IPS models in this range? Is LG compromising on something? please do advise..........
  20. S

    Where to buy ASUS PA238Q IPS MONITOR in gurgaon?

    hey guys can someone recommend me the best place to buy ASUS PA238Q IPS MONITOR in and around Gurgaon. I found it in itdepot but i dunno how trustworthy they are, plus they are based in chennai and am worried about transit damage. kindly help me with as much details as possible Regards
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