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    Two IPs????

    hi, I recently boght an airtel GPRS Connection. And i alresdy have a BSNL dialup connection. Can i use both of them simultaneously to increase net speed. And whether my PC will get two IPs at 1 time??
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    Reverse DNS

    My office (govt.) have 3 servers (linux) and ips of 164.100 series. We are given 10 ips to be used. Is there anyway to make reverse DNS for the ips. I have heard that reverse DNS can be made only by the owner of the ip. In a sense we are the owner because it have been given to us bythe...
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    NetBIOS Port issue

    On my windows 2003 server, port 139(NetBIOS) works only for one IP, but the network interface have multiple IPs. It even does not works on "". What should i do to make the service listen on all IPs.
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