1. R

    DELL Ultrasharp U2311 - IPS vs ASUS PA238Q - IPS. Which is better?

    Hi, I have short listed for these two IPS monitors. Please suggest which is good. DELL Ultrasharp U2311(LCD, DVI, VGA) - 14k net ASUS PA238Q(LED, DVI, HDMI, VGA) - 15.2k plus tax Is it worth buying with HDMI and LED? Planning to buy this saturday...please suggest. Thanks, Mani
  2. R

    Need a upgrade - Please Help

    Hi, Here is my current 4 year old config CPU - Core 2 Duo 2.13 GHz - 6420 MB - Asus P5B - VM RAM - Kingston 2x1GB 677MHz PSU+Cabinet - Antec SLK - 350W Monitor - Viewsonic 19" LCD HDD - Seagate 250GB + 500GB DVD RW - Sony 24X KB+Mouse - Logitech Want upgrade for photo editing...
  3. K

    Good ips panel LED/LCD monitor ?

    Hello all, once again am back for some suggestions from fellow digitians who helped build my new PC successfully :) Im looking for a new monitor to replace my 17" crt.. I was suggested models like Benq g2222hdi & Samung 2222 -l/m (not sure of the exact model) but after doing some reading...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Best 22" LED IPS Monitor under INR.10,000

    Hi, I want to know the prices of 22" LED IPS Monitors under INR.10,000 and their availability also. Thanks
  5. Sarath

    Review: Dell U2311H Full HD 23" IPS Monitor

    Dell UltraSharp U2311H 23 inch IPS Monitor PRICE: INR 14500(locally) Online: INR 16000 (inc. shipping & taxes)[Note: Buying online is cumbersome as Dell website does not give you the option to buy but rather write to them. They respond with an e-mail citing details of the...
  6. Cool Buddy

    Panel type of LG 32LK430

    I finally decided to buy this model after the discussion a few days back. But while making the final decision I noticed that nowhere is it mentioned if this TV has IPS panel. No one mentions the panel type either. This makes me suspicious coz wherever they use IPS panel, they mention it. This...
  7. maverick786us

    30 inch Display

    I am looking for a 30 inch display where I can enjoy the real world gaming. When it comes to 30 inch display only 2 displays hit me 1) Dell U3011 and 2) HP ZR30W Both are excellent IPS Display. Can someone tell me the price of these displays in indian market?
  8. shaunak

    What are my options for IPS monitors

    I am at my PC for long periods, and am planning to buy an IPS monitor, to give some relief to my eyes. What are my options in the 19" to 22" range? Is the Dell UltraSharp series available in india? How much does it start from?
  9. D

    The best possible PC for Rs. 70,000/-

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Primarily Audio/ Video/Image Editing, with some 3d work (for animation related purposes) 2. Are you open to alternate...
  10. doomgiver

    cannot access website

    hello ppl. i am unable to access a certain website. alpha.astroempires.com/ astroempires.com/ forum.astroempires.com/ these guys had a massive ddos attack last week, so they installed something to block it off. the site is up now, and everyone can use it, except me. i can still access...
  11. shaunak

    A few question about IPS monitors

    I spend a lot of time on my computer and my eyes frequently go dry after a while. A friend told me that IPS monitors need less bright back-lights, hence are a lot easier on the eyes. Plus they have better color reproduction. I am currently using a Samsung 19" TFT [Syncmaster 931]. I am...
  12. C

    LED backlit LCD monitor with IPS

    I am using 17" LG Flatron E700SH monitor for many years. Now I would like to buy a 20" or 22" LED backlit LCD monitor with In-plane switching (IPS) technology. Please suggest me a good one with lowest price. Is there any chances of prices dropping down within a few months?
  13. H

    techicall , strange and tricky comparison about Monitor

    Okay folks , just tell me what's the difference between an IPS LCD TV and IPS PC MONITOR . Both 10 bit display . Having same resolution 1920*1080 I know tv have larger pixel pitch , but besides that ? what are the other differences !! what's your answers guys ?? :bounce: Anyone??? :ohyeah:
  14. maverick786us

    BEST IPS Display

    I am looking for a good 24 Inch IPS Display having a resolution 1920 X 1200. Dell U2410 seems to be the best option (legendary NEC 2490 is very expensive and I always prefer Dell over HP thats why don't wanna consider HP LP2475). Does anyone know, how much will Dell U2410 cost in Indian...
  15. E

    Help me in the List of IPS / VA Monitors in India with PRICE

    Hi digitians, I was wondering are there any options for us in picking up a IPS / VA monitor in India. The only VA monitor that I was familiar with is Dell ultrasharp 2408WFP. And now the e-IPS storm - Dell 2209WA. After that I had found reviews of 2 excellent monitors from hp - HP...
  16. S

    Philips LCD

    somebody tell me abt Philips LCD....... also suggest me b/w samsung and philips....... which one is better technology for LCD like MVA, IPS, PVA, TN etc......
  17. Y

    Ip Conflict prob!

    hello everbdy hope u r fine but im not! plz let me know what do with this ip conflict problem. i have 10 systems in my LAN with diffrent ips signed to all but still a popup shows " SYSTEM ERROR- there is ip conflict with other system in ur network". i even spoke to ISP but he says he hav not...
  18. Charley

    Dynamic IP to Static IP

    I have a Dataone connection, with dynamic IP's. I need to use some software and that it specifically requires a static IP address. Customer Care says they haven't static IP's for Home plans :( What can I do ?
  19. kirangp

    Peer Guardian 2...Guards ur IP from companies who spy on YOU

    Peer Guardian is a software which blocks spying companies' IPs and protects your privacy when downloading through p2p.Even though in India no company has taken to spying users but that day is not far off.PG2 blocks around 73 crore IPs as of now & the lists are updated on a daily basis.The memory...
  20. tanush_89

    I made some calculations for IP

    I made some calculations for IP and found out this :- IP can range betwee0 to So by permutation we get total of 4,53,49,632. So at any instant maximum 4,53,49,632 computers and sites can only come /be online (excluding the ip's which are allocated to specific) sites...
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