New Monitor & Keyboard


New Monitor & Keyboard

Hi Folks ,

I am planning on purchasing a new PC Display to replace my current 28" HDTV acting as the primary display for my PC and Laptop.

Budget : Anything under 11,500 INR Strictly.
Screen Size : Between 22-24" .
Panel type : IPS Preferred. ( From what I know IPS based panels have more latency than TFT displays.Although most IPS panels I have looked up have anywhere between 5-7ms response time GtG on average , while the TFTs have 1-5ms GtG. )
So I was wondering if the difference in noticeable if the latency is somewhere around 5-7 ms ? Is that too much for FPS gaming ?
Glass type : I am happy with Glossy as well as Matte , as long as the colour reproduction is brilliant.

I would prefer a display which has excellent colour and image quality.

There are few displays I have sorted out :

HP 22fi.
HP 22"IPS (22XW)
Dell S2240L
AoC i2369vm

I am also planning to replace my wireless keyboard with a wired one as there is huge input lag while playing games.
Budget : 1-2.5k
I prefer soft and easy to press keys over the rigid and tough ones. Always had hard time holding the sprint keys , etc while playing.

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PS : I am most likely going to buy them from Nehru Palace rather than Online , unless they are giving a good deal On-line.


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LG 22MP56HQ 22" LED IPS -8825.

Link:LG IPS Monitor 21.5 Inches (22MP56HQ) Price in India - Buy LG IPS Monitor 21.5 Inches (22MP56HQ) Online -

Cooler Master Devastator Gaming Bundle -2525.

Link:Cooler Master Devastator USB Mouse & Keyboard: Buy Online @ Rs.${productDealModel.offerGroup.sellingPrice}/- |


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New AOC i2276Vwn 21.5" IPS LED Monitor: Computers & Accessories

and get standard Logitech wired keyboard......


Re: New Monitor & Keyboard

Yes. I prefer softer keys. I will check TVSE gold once though.
For monitor , can you guys take a look at the AoC i2369 ? It's an IPS matte panel with borderless design and has 23" screen with 5ms response time gtg. Also it has quite high Dynamic contrast ratio.
It will cost around 10.5-11k in Nehru Palace.


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for casual gaming, any regular monitor will suffice.
dont get your head around response times. its more of a marketing gimmick than a proper parameter to judge monitors.


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Re: New Monitor & Keyboard

For kb, you can try to get the Cooler Master Devastator Keyboard from some forum or elsewhere, it's keys are very soft.

PS - I use it myself.


Re: New Monitor & Keyboard

The CM dev. Keyboard comes as a combo , right ? How much is that mice worth ? I already have 2 gaming mouse , I am used to.
Btw , I am more inclined towards the AoC 2369vm monitor. It will be around 10,600rs. Any views on it ?


Re: New Monitor & Keyboard

Bought HP XW22 , IPS backlit LED fhd 21.5" monitor. @9,600inr
HP Pavilion 22xw 21.5-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor | HP® Official Store

And CM Devastator combo for 2750inr.
Cooler Master Gaming » Products: Devastator

Thank you guys for your suggestion.
Both the products are pretty good value for money.
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