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Hey guys,

I've been trying to figure out an answer i found long ago but need to re-affirm few things. Tried googling but maybe I'm not questioning correctly.

So the question is - let's say there are 2 WAN IPs

Do these 2 IPs belong to the same area? Let's say one IP belongs to an office in Gurgaon. Does the other IP belong to the same office too?

Also, is there some good definition of what we could infer from:

1. 122 (belongs to airtel?)
2. 190 (belongs to delhi? maybe? )
3. 50 (belongs to a sub part in delhi?)
4. 1 (what is this?

Would be great to get some answers!


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Only 1st set of digits can give you reliable info,which is name of ISP.Rest all sets are not reliable.e.g.a company with branch offices all over India connected by a VPN/internal network by a single ISP will show sets of digits very close to each other even if physically offices are thousands of Km apart.
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